Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cozy Up This Winter With Some Throws

I love throws. 

Every winter there are a jillion of them around here because I'm cold all the time. 

The thermostat can read 70 degrees and I am under a blanket shivering. 

I just recently threw away a throw I'd ordered from Pottery Barn. 
It was beautiful and soft but it didn't last.
We had to wash it.

I'm not blaming anyone in particular...
One end was wider than the other after a trip through the washer and dryer. 

Some of my favorite throws are from IKEA. 

The URSULA Throw in white is fabulous all year. 

It's light weight for summer.
The cable knit looks good in the winter too. 

One of my favorite throws is the HERMINE also from IKEA.

The brown, cream and gray plaid has a touch of gold in it. 
It's so pretty.
 We are supposed to be getting an IKEA nearer to us next year. I love IKEA but it is a least an hour away.

A few years ago, I ordered a plaid throw from Pottery Barn on clearance after Christmas. 
I love it but they have never had anything else like it.

I just love plaids that aren't too Christmasy.

Tuesday Morning has great throws and blankets. 

 A couple of yards of wool from the fabric store does the trick too. 

If you go that route, get enough to make some pillows too.

Do you love throws as much as I do?

Stay cozy my friends,
Thank you for your prayers. I'll share if and when I can. 
We are all okay but I'm afraid we are just in one of those hard seasons.


  1. I love throws as well. I'm sitting in my LR with one over my legs as I type. I believe I have 6 hanging on a ladder in my bedroom and several in the closet just behind where I am sitting. Your Ursula throw is very pretty. We have an IKEA just 2 mile from my home, been there too often!! In fact I just finished a new blog post and happened to also mention IKEA and a piece I purchased there years ago! Enjoy the rest of a beautiful weekend! Blessings, Cindy xo Will continue to pray for your family! Life can be challenging!

  2. Katie, sorry to hear that something hard is going on in your life. I will keep you in my prayers! I love throws as well. I recently bought a red cable one at a discount store. It's Pottery Barn and I have it on my lap right now. Love your throws and your cozy home!

  3. Love tartan - but then, I'm a Scot! I love to snuggle under a throw to watch tv and knit in the evenings. Your room is lovely.

  4. Well Katie - do you remember when we both put up our " diy shutter " posts at the same time?
    Guess what I had scheduled to go up tomorrow ?
    THROWS LMHO ( I'm going to postpone it for a little while now - my sister from a different mister) I LOVE throws - and have several from Ikea too ! And just got a gorgeous white pom pom one from Target !

  5. I do love throws! Thanks for sharing where to find them.:-)