Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Must Have Decorating Elements from HGTV's Hit Show

It's no secret that I'm wild about the T.V. show, Fixer Upper.
Do you love it as well?  
Joanna's style is Farmhouse with a touch of Industrial.
 I began adding in elements of Farmhouse Style into our decor about 4 years ago. 
 Here is my list of must have decorating essentials to get a Farmhouse look. 
Almost every one of these can be see in the majority of the episodes
These images are my way of incorporating classic motifs from the show into our rooms. 

  1.  Metal sconces on the wall.

I have a mix of vintage and new.


 2. Metal containers used as vases

My metal vase is the lining to an old ice cream freezer. 


3. Big clocks

 4. Greenery that looks freshly clipped from the yard.

5. Architectural salvage

Windows, doors or any other piece of salvage will do. 

6. Wooden Trays, Crates and Troughs

Read about the tray that I made from old bed slats-here.

7. Wooden cutting boards

Most of mine are vintage but I see these all the time at Tuesday Morning and Walmart.

8. Chalk boards

This one is a print from An Evening With Joanna Gaines.

9. Fabulous Fireplace Makeovers

 10. Letters

You may have already seen one of these lists floating around Pinterest.
If you haven't, I'm thrilled you found this one.
Some of those links seem a little sketchy, if you ask me.  
Elements of Farmhouse Style are available for purchase at many retailers.  
Happy hunting,



  1. Hi Katie, Beautiful farmhouse style. I love all your vignettes and photos. I can so relate with adding elements in my home over the last few years as well. Love Fixer Upper, in fact we are going down to "The Silo's" this weekend for a long break. Can't wait to shop and be inspired.
    Blessings xo

  2. Yes, Joanna does use a lot of those things in her homes. It's nice to have a list of them so if you're wanting to incorporate some of those in your home you know just what to look for. I think my favorite thing about her style is that it's non traditional. She thinks outside the box and uses things in ways that you wouldn't expect.

  3. Can you believe that I've never seen that show yet...I know! I've heard so many good things about it. I never have the time to watch much tv. I'm usually sitting with the tv on and my laptop working.
    Love your beautiful farmhouse touches! You've done a beautiful job adding them to your home!