Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making Lemonade/The Closet Makeover

 We had a bit of a crisis which forced us to completely clean out our closets.
We sorted through every piece of clothing we own
Anything that wasn't being worn was not going back into the space.
It seemed like a perfect time for a makeover.
The popcorn got scraped off of the ceiling.

We have one closet but our sides are separated by a big shelf that Bill made a few years ago.

 I thought about painting my side pink.
We share a long wall that is only open above the top shelf.  
Bill wouldn't be able to see much pink but any pink is too much.

  I've read that pink is hard to get right.
Barbie or bubble gum pink wouldn't have been an improvement.
 When thinking about how to deal with the back of the shelf, I thought about wallpaper.

We headed to Lowes for wallpaper and Home Depot for a chandelier.   

Fresh white paint touched up the edges of the shelves and covered the back of Bill's cabinet. 
I don't know if it will get wallpapered or not.

Off the shelf wallpaper covers the focal wall. 

I only kept what I think I'll actually wear but if something isn't getting worn, it is out of here. 
Bill called me a hoarder.
He was right but lightening the load feels amazing.

 Bill will hang the chandelier tomorrow and I'll have more photos for you. 
 Thank you for your prayers for us.
I'm trying to come up with a way to share what has been going on but I'm not sure it's a good idea to put it out on the blog. 
Our "bit of a crisis" was stressful but it has turned out to have some blessings as well. 
That's life, I think. 
Stop back by to see the chandelier. 
I'll also talk about some of the storage pieces. 

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  1. Like the idea of a divider in the closet. My dream is to have my own closet, not share one. This comes from a kid of a family of 7 children. My only child husband doesn't get it. I would paint mine pink I think...a pale, pale pink. Your closet reno is inspiring me to do mine too.

  2. Great minds think alike Katie! I cleaned out a few things from my office/craft area and it felt great! The closet is next. See you Wednesday!

  3. Your wallpaper choice was excellent, Kate - it is sophisticated, modern, clean and just awesome....soooo much better than pink! Glad you've done this, I keep putting off cleaning out my closet - I soooo need to do it but lack the energy...but YOU have certainly given me motivation! I wish I could hire you to do mine! : - )

    I would love to know what's going on in your world so that I may send up specific prayers for you - if you want to tell me send me an email - and if not, general prayers being said right now for you. Your choice. Sometimes getting a mature gal who isn't involved way of thinking, too, can help. I am here if you want. Hugs.

  4. Oh I love it! Our new closet will be much smaller AND we'll have to share. You have given me some great ideas!

  5. May God's blessings be upon you with whatever it is you are dealing with.

    Your closet looks GREAT!

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  6. What a great makeover! Love the one wall papered. Prayers being said right now for whatever situation you have in you life.


  7. I totally understand 'crisis' right now! Wow! It's a challenge! I love your closet makeover, of course black and white are always so clean and classy! Love your little space for your pretties too! Many blessings and praying for your family! Cindy

  8. I love your closet makeover! The wallpaper really makes a nice modern statement. My closet is in desperate need of a makeover too. It needs to be cleaned out as well. It's hard to get motivated to do it though. Hope your "crisis" gets worked out soon.

  9. Your closet makeover looks terrific! There's nothing like an organized closet with a place for everything.
    Mary Alice

  10. Your closet looks amazing! I love the wallpaper... very chic :)

    Don't feel like you have to share everything on your blog unless you want to. After all, it's none of our business. Prayers for you nonetheless.


  11. Fabulous makeover, Katie! The chandelier is really going to take it over the top!

  12. I am always so impressed with organized closets! You have done a beautiful job! The chandelier will look wonderful!

  13. Your closet is beautiful and I will be waiting to see it with it's new chandelier!
    Whatever your crisis, you will be in our prayers. I'm sorry if you are hurting.
    MANY blessings to you,