Monday, March 14, 2016

Antique Armoire Into Purse Storage

 I revealed my closet makeover a couple of months ago.
 I love handbags but they don't fit in my small sized closet. 
I tried keeping them downstairs but the craft supplies were at war with the handbags.
Paint and handbags don't really mix. 
Then they were in Rebekah's closet. It wasn't terrible but I would forget to rotate them as often as I'd like. 
The armoire in our bedroom was virtually empty.
This was a television storage piece for many years but we aren't T.V. in the bedroom people.

I decided it would make great purse storage.
Everything would be coralled close to where I get ready in the morning.
 The shelves and interior of the cabinet were unfinished.

 White paint would freshen things up on the inside and not interfere with the integrity of this piece.

 It has such a pretty finish.

Most of these are vintage.
They have been picked up here and there over the course of the last decade.
Read my tips for buying authentic designer items-Here.

The hooks at the top are perfect for hanging bag charms. 

The contact paper was left over from a project at the school.

It coordinates with my closet.

Not into handbags?
This could easily be used for shoes. 

I use most of these bags.
There are only two or three that haven't been used in a while.

I had all the supplies on hand for this fun Saturday project.
How do you handle handbag storage?
I appreciate your visits more than you will know.
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Have a wonderful Monday.

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  1. It was a neat idea to use your armoire this way! xoxo Su

  2. You lucky lucky girl! Purse storage!!!!

  3. Hi, Katie,
    Your armoire is great for storing your purses. My purses (not nearly as many as you have; shoes are my thing) are stored in my clothes closet on a shelf above the hanging rod. Now, for shoes.... I have shelves that run the length of the back wall of my closet, and it is filled with shoes. Your purses and my shoes would have a great time together.


  4. That looks very snazzy! A girl with beautiful purses needs a beautiful place to keep them. :)

    So glad you linked with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Glad to find you on Instagram too.

  5. Katie, very handy and the white inside really lightens it up.