Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thoughts Of The Mundane

I was trying to keep my Instagram for family and close friends but it seems like I am missing out on something by not inviting you all to follow me on Instagram. 
I've provided the link here and on my sidebar.  
You will get up the minute updates on what is going on around here.
You'll also get some outfits of the day if I don't run out of time before work. 
I'm notoriously running late for work. 

I've gotten one of the worst haircuts ever.
Did I say that I wanted the back to look like a duck tail?
Is that a good look for anyone?
Fortunately, my hair grows quickly. 

 I've had a few thoughts running through my mind the last few days. 

I was at the jeweler dropping off a repair.
An acquaintance of ours was there with some sterling silver. 
She'd gotten a low ball offer from an estate sale company and wondered if she could do a little better at the jeweler. 
She sold it and appeared to leave happy so she must have gotten a better deal. 

 I asked him if they have dealers that buy their sterling.
He said there are a few dealers but that they are only looking for about three cool patterns.
The rest of the patterns are melted down. 
I cannot bear to think about a lovely sterling pattern being melted down but he said no one wants it anymore. 

I love my sterling pattern. 
We actually use it when we are entertaining.
I'm worried that refinement and beautiful things will all fall by the wayside. 

Do you think that we have become a generation of ignoramuses? 
I made sandwiches last night based on a video I saw on Facebook. 
I need a video to show me how to make a sandwich?
I would have videoed myself making the sandwich but who in the world needs a video to show them how to make a sandwich? 
It's just a sandwich but they were delicious.

I've also watched people put on makeup on YouTube. 
I'm entertained by the mundane. 
I accidentally left the purse cupboard open the other night. 

Someone noticed all those brown ones that look alike (but are all really very different, I promise!)
 He, the same person who was looking at Bass boats, wondered what my total investment was. 
Don't throw stones, Mr. Boat Shopper.
 I'll have to be a little more careful to close the cupboard from now on. 

The tile guy is coming on Monday to install the back splash. 
 We are going with Carrara Marble subway tile. 
Thanks for stopping by.
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I hope your week is going well. 

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  1. Cute, cute post. :)

    I'll find you on Instagram.

  2. I can relate to this post on so many levels. I have yet to have one decent haircut since moving here. The search continues to find a good hairdresser.I'm always willing to spend good money on a haircut and the Mr. gets riled until I remind him I go about once every three months. He goes every two weeks and if you added it up he actually spends more. Hmph! I can't wait to see the tile installed.
    You should link up this happy post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

    Have a wonderfully Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Katie I recognize your china pattern. Lenox Autumn. I remember it from way back in the day when I was busy picking my Lenox china pattern. Lenox rocks. ;-)