Monday, April 11, 2016

Antique Oil Paintings

I love a good deal.

Some of my best antique or thrift store deals have been little antique or vintage oil paintings. 

Who can resist a painting for a dollar?

They are just so charming.

I love to rotate them for different seasons or holidays. 

 Even if the quality of the work isn't the best, I still love having something original to decorate a space.

Darker pieces ground a neutral palette. 

There is something satisfying about rescuing an abandoned piece of art.  
Do you love original art? 

Thanks for letting me share. 


  1. You have some lovely pictures there...I keep going back to the one with the ocean waves crashing on the is awesome!!!
    We have a house full of original art. Most of it was done by members of the family or very close friends. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it makes me think of each person (some who have gone on) everytime I look at the picture. I have to share a funny story....Hubby and I have been married about 20 years. We raised our families, lost our spouses and found each other later in life :^) An original oil painting that he owned, was painted by one of my best friends who sold her artwork in juried shows. He liked the painting and bought it many years before we ever got together. SO.....I can still honestly say that most of our artwork was painted by family or close friends....even accidentally!
    Blessings to you,

  2. You have some lovely, lovely paintings. You know I am scouting around for some rabbit paintings. I have yet to have find just the one I am looking for.
    If you know of a good spot on line to purchase some Art, that is reasonable, I would appreciate knowing.
    We have collected our art forever now. It all began when my Mother had an artist rent the little cottage that she grew up in, from that moment on I became enthralled with Art. Art History was one of my favorite classes. Well, thank you for sharing your art and allowing us to share our love of it too!
    Happy Wednesday,

  3. I am loving original vintage oils lately. I snatch them up whenever I find them at a reasonable price. You have such great ones that look beautiful in your home.
    Mary Alice

  4. Your oil paintings are a charming addition to your home, Katie. I've acquired quite a few old prints, but oil paintings are scarce in our area.

    I love your painted dry sinks in your previous post! My dry sink is on my list of things to paint this coming weekend, but if the weather stays nice I'll probably be playing outside instead.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love artwork like that too! I sometimes buy them online when I'm looking for a specific style or color. It's always nice when you stumble upon them at antique stores though! Yours are pretty. I like the dark ones too.

  6. Well, now-
    I'm taking an art class this semester (just about wrapped up now) and I'm appreciating art more and more. I confess-- I bought a poster print of a Van Gogh (cause he's my favorite) and it's just a poster, but it makes me smile! I have a few original paintings here and there that I've been given or picked up (not Van Gogh- LOL!) I like those too.
    I loved seeing these... thanks for showing them!

  7. You truly have an eye for lovely paintings!