Monday, April 25, 2016

Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

The backsplash is finished. 
 We have our dream kitchen at last. 

It is gorgeous.

Have you ever thought that sometimes it is easier to just not to decide on something? 
That is where I was because I didn't want to make a mistake. 

In the end, our tile guy reaffirmed that we were on the right track. 
We went with classic marble subway tile. 

He suggested that we not get polished marble.

He told us that polished marble would reflect light all around the room. 
What? I would have thought more sparkle was a good thing. 

Since we had polished granite, he thought we didn't need anymore reflections bouncing around the room. 

 I don't like it when a room is in transition. 
That is ironic since I'm always redoing something but that I can control. 
I am a control freak but in the end, it was only a four day process. 

The first day they pulled off the temporary backsplash and repaired the walls.

There was no need for waterproof tile board because it's not going to get wet. 

As the walls were drying, they laid out all the tiles and separated them according the subtle color differences. 
They also did all the cuts for under the cabinets. 

The second day one guy tiled two of the three walls.

The owner of the company came on the third day. 
He tiled around the windows and the shelves because it was so intricate.

He did a phenomenal job.
It is flawless. 

They grouted with a light gray grout on the fourth day. 

It has finished off the space and elevates the design.
I adore it with the paint color. 

I'm glad we hired this job out instead of trying to tackle it ourselves.

The cost for this wasn't budget by any means. 
The tile was $500.
The labor and materials was around $1000. 
That included repairing the damage done to the walls by the guys who installed our granite. 

I would have been happy with planking or beadboard.
Bill really wanted this and it has surprised and delighted me.
It finishes off the kitchen perfectly! 

Pinch me.
I think I'm dreaming. 
It is so beautiful.
What do you think? 

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  1. Wow, your kitchen is beautiful

  2. Oh Katie, it is BEAUTIFUL! I would be looking at it all day! Wonderful choice...your whole kitchen is lovely!

  3. so nice that you had someone come to your house and share their knowledge and advice. It's totally gorgeous and finishes the kitchen off perfectly!

  4. I think I'm really impressed with Bill - he has some good taste (but we knew that since he chose you)! It looks gorgeous and it sounds like you had a wonderful tile guy who really knew what he was doing and that's a blessing!

  5. Katie, your backsplash is gorgeous! It definitely finishes off your kitchen beautifully. There are some projects that are better off calling in the pros...this one for sure.
    Mary Alice

  6. It is absolutely it!!!!

  7. Just beautiful Katie. Your kitchen looks so bright and pretty.

  8. Oh Katie, just perfect. thanks for the info about the honed/polished issue. I didn't know that.

  9. Katie, your back splash looks beautiful and I'm glad you are happy with it!

  10. Katie,
    I think it is beautiful! Your whole kitchen looks fantastic and the different colors in the tile bring all the colors in the room together.


  11. Oh Katie, what a difference! Aren't you glad you went for it? I am in love with the soft shimmer of the backsplash along with your granite and paint color. This is really a testament to how a kitchen can change over time.

    1. So glad you shared this at Thoughts of Home. ;)

  12. Your marble tile is gorgeous and really ties in your cream cabinets with your bluish gray tones in the room. How exciting to have a big project like that finished! Your kitchen looks so pretty!

  13. I think it finishes off your entire kitchen beautifully!

  14. Good morning Katie! Featuring you today at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  15. Katie, the back splash is gorgeous. Sounds like you worked with a great team ~ especially the guy who recommended the honed rather than shiny tile. I know you will enjoy for years to come.

  16. Visiting from Poofing the Pillows. I LOVE your backsplash!!! I love your whole kitchen. I have the same pig cutting board :-).

  17. Your new back splash and your whole kitchen are gorgeous! You definitely made the right tile choice.