Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Trip To Magnolia Market

After an extended session of Fixer Upper binge watching, Bill expressed an interest in going to Magnolia Market in Waco.
It's a date!
He was off on Monday so we made the trip down I-35.
Waco is only an hour and a half away from our house. 
We've been to Waco many times over the years.
 The silos have stood for a century giving a nod to the agricultural past of this Central Texas town. 
Chip and Joanna Gaines have turned the mill of an abandoned cotton seed company into their new retail space.
We couldn't wait to go shopping. 

The shopping is not in the silos for your FYI. 

There is a guest book to record visitors from all over the place.

This is a perfect title for a book. 
Darling is what I call my babies at work.

We got some cute, cute stuff which I'll reveal in another post.

I didn't take photos inside the store but there were many photo opportunities outside.

There were beautiful flowers.
This planter made out of something from the original grain elevator is super cute.

Bill and I have wanted to do a galvanized planter.
Note to self - the tree makes it proportional.

They are about to open a garden shop on the property.

I love the fairy gardens.

We ate at Schmaltz's for lunch. 

After lunch we went to Harp Design Co.

Clint Harp and his wife have a little store front.  
We found out that Clint Harp has filmed his own pilot for the DIY Network.
It should air around June. 

We found a few things to bring home. 

The craftsmanship on this house from Season 1 is impeccable.

My favorite shop in Waco was closed.
They are only open one weekend a month and I can't ever remember which weekend.  
This is the perfect junk shop and has been featured numerous times on the show.  

We went for a drive down Austin Avenue to look at the cute houses. 
I've never noticed this adorable bridge. 

A Spanish revival has been purchased by the Gaines' but is up for sale through Magnolia Realty.

In complete Fixer Upper stalker mode, we got coffee from Common Grounds.  

We were the oldest people in the place.
It is a true college hangout.

The inside is so cool.

We could see this storm rolling into Ft. Worth on the way home.

Waco has been famous a couple of times. 
You may remember the Branch Davidian standoff of the 1990s.
Waco is famous again because of the show.
Bill and I met a couple outside of the Harp Design Co. 
They had driven down from Missouri and had planned to stay a week.
I'm not sure that there is a weeks worth of stuff to do in Waco at the moment. 
 This town is ripe for an influx of economic development so I hope there will be more to do in the future. 

Everything was smaller than it appears on T.V. 
We didn't have to wait in line but this place was hopping for a Monday morning.  
 The shop was darling. You won't find anything old or repurposed. 
It's all new merchandise but it is iconic Joanna Gaines.  
It was a great day!
Come back for a peek at our treasures. 

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  1. Katie-
    I hope to stop in Waco on my next trip to Dallas to see our daughter.
    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    We are so glad you are here!


  2. Katie
    What an adventure! I love all your pics of the gardens! So many wonderful ideas.

  3. Katie,
    My favorite part of going to the new Magnolia Market was seeing the architecture of the repurposed building. I am looking forward to seeing how they fix up the silos. Somewhere I heard they may be converting the silos into loft apartments....may just be a rumor...don't quote me on it. Looking forward to our lunch next week.


  4. I have just recently been marathon watching Fixer Upper with my hubs on Netflix - we don't watch television so had never seen it before. And EVERY day we watch a few - and so this post was super fun because I totally know everything you are talking about. I just love the Gaines! She is especially talented, and he is so danged funny and adorable - whatta guy. I saw him each a huge cockroach today and he grossed me out more than I could have ever imagined being grossed out. LOL.

    I also watched tonight the episode where Common Grounds owners were the house buyers. : - )
    What a cute couple they are! I saw the Clint and Kelly Harp one yesterday.

    What a neat thing to do - to be so close you could go there and visit. This Ohio girl has never been to Texas.

  5. So glad you had a nice day. I will have to look into making a trip to Laverty's.

  6. Glad you two had such a lovely day trip together. Look forward to seeing what you got there.


  7. Ah Katie, a husband who suggests a trip to Magnolia is a dream come true! You're right about Waco. I lived in Temple and worked in Waco until 2008, and I can truly say there is little to do in Waco. There is the Texas Rangers' museum, which is fantastic. Now, with Chip and Jo doing home reno's I truly wished I lived close enough to have them do a house. Really enjoyed your tour and loved the tree and plants in the galvanized metal tub. cute, cute, cute.

  8. I would love to make that trip someday. It will be a long one for me from NY but I know it would be worth it. A Magnolia realty company? What are the Gaines' not into?!