Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Secret To A Clean House

I'm going to tell you my secret for keeping a clean house. 

It isn't baking soda and vinegar.  

It doesn't involve a complicated list of daily chores. 

There is no need to have an expensive cleaning lady on the payroll. 

A Pinterest board featuring tips and tricks isn't required. 

Nope, the secret to a clean house is simple. 

Push those chicks out of the nest and your house will stay clean.

It will stay clean but it will also be a little too quiet.

My little chicks will all be back together this weekend. 
I can't wait! 


  1. I hear you! Clean and way too quiet for me too! How wonderful to have them all home and at the same time!
    Happy I found your blog!

  2. so much to look forward too :) I am actually ok with a (partially)messy house...but an empty and quiet home will be hard for me

  3. Ha! Cute post, Katie! Enjoy your little chicks. It's always wonderful to have them back in the nest, mess and all. :o)

  4. HA ~ You are SO right! I still have one 'disabled' chicko at home and he tends to forget to put anything away!! But, as a widow, I guess it's better than being alone 24/7. Have a happy weekend with those chicks!! Blessings, Cindy xo

  5. Ba ha ha ha, so true! It definitely is easier now that my 3 have flown the coop. Although it will get better for me when hubby retires. he is a construction field mechanic so he comes homes covered in oil and diesel fuel daily. But I love your truth! I thought I was the only one getting sick of seeing the click bait on Pinterest. Sort of like if I dont click on it I am a bad housewife or parent or a hoarder. LOL