Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Magnolia Market Inspired Master Bedroom


 Our room got a mini makeover with all new bedding in January
I wanted something that would easily fit in the washer and dryer.
 Bill wanted something without ruffles. 
I don't think he realized that the new set had scallops. 
Scallops are a little like ruffles - just saying.
I love the scallops because they always look perfect unlike ruffles that need fussing with.

The bedding all came from Tuesday Morning. 
The coverlet and pillow sham set is Linea Casa by Sferra. 
It is gorgeous. 
The blanket is Peacock Alley. 
It is so soft and comfortable.  

Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Market, Yellow 

The yellow pillow from Magnolia Market inspired the new color scheme. 
Bill's grandmother made the afghan.
Does it match perfectly or what? 

 The art piece above the headboard also came from Tuesday Morning. 
All it needed was a coat of chalk paint to cover up the black.

Assembling stuff for a new color scheme is one of my favorite aspects of decorating.

I already knew that I didn't have much yellow. What I didn't find at Magnolia Market, I picked up here around town. 
The platter came from our local antique mall.
I saw similar plates in Waco but I didn't buy any because they all had a chip or two.
I refuse to buy something already chipped.

  I found the same pattern at home with no chips.
The pattern is Yellow Rock Roses by Blue Ridge Southern Pottery.
I love how the flowers match the silk ones we got in Waco.

I found a candle holder and some other silk flowers at Hobby Lobby.

You can see that the room still has a lot of white. 

Even before white became a "thing" I've always tried to have neutral bedding so that the bed can be layered in seasonal colors. 

The vanity tray was a birthday gift from my sister in law. 
The bakelite jar came from Bill's Granny Vi.

The Balenciaga perfume came from an estate sale. 
I'd hoped the bottle was Lalique but I don't think it is. 

The bird print came from my big Audubon book. 
I love being able to cut a page out of the book to create a new art piece. 

We've managed quite well without the ceiling fan. 
It seemed touch and go last summer until we figured out that our system was low on coolant. 
We each have a fan on our side of the bed to control our temperature. 
My fan runs non stop all summer. 

 The chandelier was a curbside find.

I already had the little yellow gingham pillow. 
The little table came from an antique store years ago. 

The little metal piece next the armoire came from the trip to Hobby Lobby. 

Bill likes the crisper cleaner feel of this new look. 
I adore the pops of yellow. 

Thanks for stopping in and having a look at our spring and summer bedroom.
I hope you are having a blessed day.


  1. Katie,
    Scallops... white scallops... just make my eyes clap their hands! Everything looks so fresh, calm, and inviting. All your great finds from a variety of thrifty places are great, but the BEST is your roadside chandelier.


  2. I like those scallops too. your room looks so cheerful now, all ready for summer!

  3. This is so fresh and pretty for the spring! I too love all white bedding.

  4. I really like how it all came together so nicely, Katie! I'm not a yellow person but I love the freshness it give the room. You did well! Blessings, Cindy xo

  5. How lovely, Katie! I love the beautiful wood and white...the pops of yellow are perfect!

  6. OOO, Katie...I just am in LOVE with your adorable room...how good you are at putting things together. I so love your bedding..and I, too, like scallops MUCH more than ruffles...I also have white bedding...not nearly as pretty as yours but I love putting colored pillows on it and a colored, light, summer blanket across the foot. Out here in West Texas, there's no way we can do without our ceiling fans but I sure do love your chandy. GREAT JOB

  7. I love how your room is so fresh and inviting. Tuesday Morning has really gotten some nice items in. You really curated the look so nicely.

  8. I love your bedroom with the pops of yellow! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am envious that you went to Magnolia Market!

  9. Pretty new bedding! Your accents of yellow are perfect for spring. I need to pick up a vintage look tabletop fan like yours for our living room. It's the warmest room in the house during the summer months and it's where I spend most of my indoor time. Have a good week!

  10. Katie, have you considered doing your bed lighter instead of dark stain?

  11. What a beautiful sanctuary to retire to each night. Beautiful.

  12. Very peaceful and serene, with just the right dose of yellow to add some cheer!

  13. Oh my, it's just a dream! White with your touches of yellow, is just so pleasing! Love it!

  14. Lovely! Yellow has been my favorite color since I was a kid. Your touches in this room are really eye catching. I also really love the dresser and desk with their wood tops and white bottoms! Very classy. Love the chase...
    :) gwingal

  15. This is just lovely and serene. Your room reminds me of a bed and breakfast.

    Happy TOHOT and Happy Mother's Day. ;)