Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Journal on the Psalms

Hello, Darlings!
How is your afternoon? 

Bill and I are visiting a new church. 
We didn't intend to leave our old church but our car seems to drive itself on Sunday and we find ourselves worshiping with a new little congregation.

Journaling, Black Pen.

I initially visited back in March because the church was going to begin sharing our early education classrooms at the school. 
I wanted the sharing of space to be as seamless as possible. 
I enjoyed the service and told Bill about it.  
He decided to come with me and we have not been back to our old church since then. 
  On Sunday they gave us little Moleskine Journals to go along with the summer sermon series on the Psalms. 


The sermon was on Psalm 1. 
"That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither-what ever they do prospers." Psalm 1: 3
I began drawing the tree firmly planted. 
The series slide had a mountain so I drew that too. 
Why hasn't this occured to me before? 
Journaling hasn't been my strong suit. 
Illustrating a journal is quite like finding pictures to go along with a blog post.
I found that by drawing the Psalm, I was solidifying the truth in my heart and mind. 

I seem to get something out of the sermon each time we attend this church. 
I don't mean to sound eerie but I feel like the teacher is talking to me. 
You see, my heart has some burdens and disappointments. 
I won't go into detail but I have some hard questions for God. 
Questions that have gone unanswered for at least a decade. 

Waiting on the Lord requires a patience that quite frankly, I haven't achieved.

I will plant myself by the stream, find rest for my soul, and call out to Jesus on behalf of others. 
Have you ever illustrated a Bible story? 
I can't wait to see what this little journal is going to look like by the end of the summer. 


  1. That's a great way to embrace what you're learning in church! I'm glad you found a church that better suited you. I hope that your situation gets clarity. I analyze everything (too much) so I can imagine how frustrating it can be to be having questions about something for such a long period of time.

  2. I love this! In the past we felt the need to move on to another church for the reasons you shared. Sometimes you just know when you get there that it's meant to be.

    Bible journaling is the coolest thing! I've never tried it but love the idea. There's someone you need to follow on Instagram....going to find her.


    Liz is a long time blog friend who mostly posts on Instagram now. She's an amazing Bible journaler.

  3. I am so thankful that you came to the retreat and that I was able to connect with you.
    Your recent trip sounded so intriguing and interesting to me and I hope that it was enjoyable for you.
    It is not an easy task to find a Church that one really connects with and what a blessing for you that you have found the right one. Journaling is a great way to sort out one's thoughts. I was an avid Bible Study gal until we moved out here and I need to connect with a new group. I too had many heavy thoughts and I was blessed by this group through God.
    Have a lovely week,

  4. What a lovely way to study Psalms.

    May you continue to grow in God's grace and love. We don't always get all of our questions answered, but He is with us every step of this journey.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. I love that you are journaling as you study. I think that words and illustrations are great ways to get out thoughts down.

    Enjoy your new church.

  6. Katie, how sweet! I love that your soul has been stirred. It's wonderful to see your sketches. It really does bring the sermon home when you visualize it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Your new church sounds wonderful. I wish I could go there too- journaling about the sermon.
    I too know of a young woman who does amazing Bible journaling. Her instagram address is wethreekingsillustrated. She is our youngest daughter's classmate from high school (years ago-)
    Oh that heavy heart- it often beats in me.
    There is an answer.
    Thank you for reminding me :)

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