Tuesday, June 21, 2016

White Furniture In The Mancave

Bill has accused me of trying to Pottery Barn up his man cave. 
The previous style of the room was a little Texana. 
It was a little bit Southwest with some cowboy chic thrown in. 
We got caught up in a trend after visiting Anteks in Dallas
 It didn't flow well with the rest of the house and it was a room I couldn't really rest in. 
It was so dark. 
Now that he is feeling better, we are watching more television together. 
It's a long story but before there were a lot of super heroes, guns with some sci fi thrown in. 
I can't deal with any of those.  
Sometimes we wonder how we got together because we don't have the same taste in t.v. at all. 

Drop Cloth Slip Cover

I shared with you the leather chair covered with its new drop cloth slipcover.
I love it.  
My brain started pondering further ways to add white without making the space look too cottage or farmhouse.

Green Dresser

The Eastlake dresser just wasn't right. I thought about painting it white or gray but I have been so into green lately that I didn't want to take the plunge with a paint brush.
This piece is slated for a lake house (if we ever get one). 
The Mission style lamps are gone. 
 We went a little bit overboard with those. 

Greenery, White Dresser

 Instead the little white dresser from the guest room was swapped out with the green dresser.
Once upon a time my neighbors and I were having a garage sale. 
On one of the dressers it said Chester Drawers. 
I said. "Um... do you mean Chest of drawers?" 
We got a good laugh out of that one. 
In total vindication for my friends, the Urban Dictionary does recognize Chester Drawers as viable verbiage for a piece of furniture. 
 "Chester Drawers" in now in the guest room. 

White Dresser with mirrors

The mirrors came from Walmart. 
They were $20 for the set which I thought was a great deal. 
They are an affordable way to make the space a little more contemporary. 

 A round table pulled out of storage helps balance the white of the dresser. 

The triangle shelf is a Clint Harp original . 
It was the inspiration for the makeover. 

Harp Designs Shelf on white table

 The cat and the dog think this day has been exhausting!

A white tool box, greenery and a quick turning of the books gets the space closer to being complete. 
I have one more change up my sleeve then it's time to scrape popcorn. 

Stay tuned for more of this riveting saga. 
Do you say Chester Drawers? 


  1. no...I call them chest of drawers...all the young people call them a dresser which is funny to me.
    The man caves around here are MAN caves...places for poker, scratching, spitting and maybe a cuss word here and there...cigar smoking, beer drinking..our son has one of the absolute cutest, ever...
    Your man cave room is pretty and the only requirement for a man cave is that he likes it...and I bet he does...xo

  2. when I was growing up, I thought the name was chester drawers - mom thought that was hysterical

  3. The man cave is lookin' good! My SIL's man cake is dark brown leather and a giant tv. Chester drawers...that's funny. Years ago we were talking about a pitch-in dinner at the church and a lady thought we said "pigeon" dinner and she couldn't figure out why we would want that.