Friday, July 15, 2016

Empty Nesters Handle a Milk Situation

Bill and I are DIENs. Is that a thing? Double. Income. Empty. Nest. All of our friends were DINKs back in the day. 
We were DINKs for about five minutes and we have spent the rest of lives getting past the jealousy over all of the stuff our friends were able to do back then. Well, I'm over it. Bill is not.  

We have a milk crisis. 
Both of us are semi-lactose intolerant. We cannot seem to get through a gallon or a quart of milk without most of it going down the drain. 

 I never drink milk since that unfortunate barfing situation in my elementary school lunch room in front of all my classmates. 
Interestingly enough, Mrs. Harbush never made me drink my milk again after that incident.
I will, however, have the occasional bowl of cereal and for that you need fresh milk.
I mean fresh. None of this it tastes okay but the cap smells weird, fresh. Who smells the cap anyway? 
Gag me. 

We needed a solution for our fresh milk problems and a distant memory from childhood rose the forefront of my mind. 

Powdered milk! 
Could that be the solution to our problems?
Fresh milk on demand. It would be like having a cow but without all the cud chewing. 

We asked ourselves, "Had the technology of powdered milk changed in the course of 40 years?"
It had to have.
We headed to the powdered milk section of our local Kroger. 
They had Nestle Nido Fortificada. 
That sounds good. I don't know what fortificada means but I think it must mean fortify. 
It has calcium, iron, zinc and soy. 
That has to be good, right?

We mixed up a batch and poured it into a quart jar. It was too much and we ended up with more milk down the drain. 
But it tasted good. 
Perfect for my occasional bowl of cereal. 
Now we mix it up and put it in a 8 oz. jar. No waste.

Are you a DIEN with a milk problem? 

Give Nido a try.

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  1. I am not in that same situation at all. We still have a teenager living with us so we must buy a lot of milk! He loves his milk! He likes whole milk and needs the extra calories since he's skinny. My husband and I both like milk in our cereal and other things. So we share a gallon of 2% which lasts about a week. I rarely pour any down the drain. Usually, I'm heading to the store to buy more because we're almost out. I love milk! I probably should avoid it though with my medical condition. But I grew up on it and just don't want to. I have never tried powdered milk before. Sounds like it's a good alternative for you.

  2. I'm glad you found a solution that works for you both. Funny enough we figured out the opposite with my daughter. She gets an upset stomach from things like macaroni and cheese or hot chocolate mixes that use powdered milk but real milk is fine.