Friday, July 29, 2016

Junkpalooza Day Three

The object of the day for day three is to stay hydrated. 
I've been dehydrated a couple of times and it is not fun. 

This heat wave is relentless and it zaps a body, so we headed to the outdoor venue first. 
Did you expect produce at Green's Produce?  
They have that and more. 
A produce associate of the owner is a junk and salvage dealer. 

 This man will chat your ear off.
He will tell you about his travels to the Midwest to ferret out treasures that are languishing in barns. 
Um... I want to do that. 

I've been saving my money for this stop on the junky trail. 

Cute, cute farm stuff. 

I got this darling pie safe. 

Eeek! It's so cute. 

We ate lunch at The Tin Cup. I had the Doc Holiday which is roast beef on rye with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and chives. Delicious.  
If you are ever in Arlington for lunch it is a winner.

There was a cute shop in the corner of the shopping center behind the Tin Cup. 

We browsed for a minute in there but didn't get anything. 
 Half Price Books in North Arlington was our next stop. 

I took my time and shopped for books to go with our theme this year at school. 

In a genius moment we stopped in at Decorator's Warehouse. 
The air is always chilly. 
 It allows one to pretend it is almost Christmas and that it isn't 100 degrees outside. 
Try it sometime. 

Arlington, Texas, Decorator Warehouse Christmas Decor

I'll have a photo tour of Decorator's Warehouse in another post.
The decorations are AMAZING.
I noticed a section of lights out on my tree so they told me to bring it in early to get fixed. 
I'd do it tomorrow if it weren't 120 degrees in the attic. 
Thanks for checking in with me. 

To link your own junky finds go to my Junky Linky Party and link up any thrifty find. 


  1. Now I would love to go to that Decorator's Warehouse since Christmas is my favorite time of year.....Thanks so much for sharing!!