Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Junkpalooza Day Two

 How are you?
I've been so busy junking that I haven't time to post about day two of Junkpalooza.

103 degrees. 
Once it hit 103 degrees, day two of Junkpalooza came to a close.
It was even too hot to take very many photos. 
I found some a couple of cute things and a few books.  

Day two got off to a late start because we had to wait for the air conditioning man.
The good news is that our upstairs is cooler than it has been all summer. 
He was replacing leaky coils and installing another vent for our room. 

Our first stop was Arlington Resale. 
It is my favorite junk shop. 
Maybe I should say Junque Shoppe because it isn't your run of the mill thrift store.
The front room looks like an antique store. 
They get great stuff including some of the stuff that I have donated. 
Not to brag but they love my stuff. 

Things turned a bit dicey when my eagle eye brother spotted one of the chairs I had given them.  I failed to mention to him that Bill and I cleaned out the attic and donated some of my great grandmother's rickety chairs. 
Bill and I had come to the sad conclusion that no amount of coaxing would be able to convince any sane person from sitting on these chairs. 
They were in the attic waiting for a lake house that may or may not ever happen.
After a moment or two of silence, Dave seemed to understand. 
Why did my grandmother label all her furniture? 

These are my finds from Arlington Resale. 

 My affair with green continues.

The tea leaf was only $1.00. 
This was my great grandmother Lueke's everyday china. 
 Ironic since I'd given away two of her chairs. 
"Oops" was all Bill had to say.
Dave did not make me buy back my great grandmother's chairs.
Thank goodness. 
The thought did cross my mind. 

We finished up the awkward moment and headed to J. Gilligan's for Irish Nachos
I highly recommend them.
 Get the salad for lunch if that will make you feel better about the calories consumed because of this delicious appetizer. 
It's worth it. 

Arlington, Texas, J. Gilligan's

Potato skins smothered in cheese with sour cream and jalapenos.
So good. 

After lunch we went to Salvation Army. 
Then we headed to Thrift Town. 
The roads are all torn up so a 2 minute trip took about 15 minutes.

 I found the best brass chargers.

There were six of them for $2.99 each. 
I wish I'd seen them when it was half off blue week. 
I've worked to build up my charger collection. 
 I didn't have a charger collection until I started blogging. 
You can't do a blogger tablescape without chargers. 
It's a rule or something. 
I'm sure of it. 

Dave wanted to visit the pawn shop he frequented in H.S. 
I turned the wrong way on to a one way street. 
It wasn't a one way street when Dave was in H.S. 
 Thank heavens for the Methodists because their parking lot saved me from a head on situation. 

It was 103 by the time we returned to the car. 
We were getting hot and thirsty.  I was a little crabby.
We ran into one more Half Price Books and then headed home to the blissfully cool house. 

It was a fun and thrifty day. 
I hope you are well. 
To show off your own junky finds go to my Junky Link party. 


  1. This sounds like so much fun!

  2. Another great junking day. Love all your finds so far. Whoo Hoo thank goodness for church parking lots!
    Stay safe and have fun.

  3. I so think I need a day of junking... Thanks so much for sharing yours!!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time and found some neat things. Thanks so much for taking us along.