Friday, September 9, 2016

About The Monday Social Link Party

Good morning, friends. 
I thought I'd explain about our Monday Social link party. 
Two More Days! 

Bloggers like to party. 
It is one of the ways that they build their audience and their following. 
I have used this method for years. 

A blog will host a party. 
They use a linking program through Inlinkz or Linky Tools to act as the host for all the links.  

Other bloggers will copy the web address at the top of their specific blog post 

and paste it into the link widget at the bottom of the blog hostess' page. 

Is there something for those of you that don't write a blog? 
That is the wonderful and unique thing about our party. 
You can link up your other social media to this Inlinkz. 
Other blog parties don't have this feature. 


Many like the convenience of Instagram because they can post a beautiful picture and write a short description and have it seen by others that have interests in the same genre.
They use hashtags to get people to find their post and others with the same hashtag.
I don't know who thought this up, but it is genius.  

Some of my favorite hashtags are #farmhouse or #farmhousestyle. 
I see so many cute posts, so therefore I have the potential to meet new people and follow new artists showing off their craft. 

I'll confess that I am late to the Instagram thing. 
I wanted to use that account for personal and family stuff. 

My family doesn't really want me posting about them so I've altered my settings so that others can see my posts and possibly follow me on other social media venues. 
At this point Bill and I are focusing on building our brand so we are all in with as many social media platforms as we can juggle. 

If you would like to add an Instagram picture to our party. 
Just copy the web address at the top of your Instagram page. 

Your cute picture will appear in the link up. 
It's that simple. 


The same is possible for Pinterest
If you like curating boards and want to build a following, this is the party for you. 
Just link up the web address at the top of your browser. 
Make sure they are your original images. 
The Monday Social hostesses will remove from the link any work or photos that are not your own. 
We will be pinning from this link party. 


This can be done with Facebook as well but you may want to create your own page for the social media presence you would like to build. 
My sister, for instance, might want to build a Facebook page for her "I See Joy Today" hashtag. 

Make sure that your settings are public and not private. 
Nobody will be able to see anything set to private. 

Please follow me on my social media platforms. 

Please follow and check out the other hostesses. 

Judith @ Botanic Bleu

I hope I've answered all your questions. 
If you have more, post them in the comment section and I will be happy to answer them. 

Make a Facebook page!
Create your brand or a hashtag.
Our hashtag for this party is #mondaysocialparty
My blog hashtag is #letsaddsprinklesblog

This is exciting. 
Have a great day. 
See you Sunday @ 4:00 Central Time. 


  1. Looking forward to the new party. Thanks for all the information you shared.

  2. Sounds like a great idea, Katie! Wishing you success!