Monday, September 12, 2016

How I Added Farmhouse Style

Once upon a time, when one of my kids was getting in trouble they wanted clarification about what "by accident." meant. They called it "on accident." It was "on purpose or on accident" in our house. They wanted a quick reminder which of the two phrases got them in trouble.

I think I've added farmhouse style to our home "on accident." 
I started adding more and more white a few years ago. 

White can lean a couple either farmhouse or shabby chic. 
I love both but I got better reviews when a project leaned more farmhouse than shabby.

As I started down a lighter and more neutral path, I quickly learned which things got a thumbs up from Bill and which got a thumbs down. 


#1. White Walls
I've painted almost every room white.
Layering texture to an all white room is pretty key.
I've added board and batten to our walls in the laundry room.

I've added beadboard to other spaces.

Old shutters add texture as well.
Bill has admitted that he loves how calm white is.

#2. Neutral upholstered furnishings are a must.

Leather sofas or chairs work great.

If you want to tone down their "brownness" toss a throw over them. 
The rest of our upholstery has no pattern.
I have compulsively recovered all of our furniture over the course of the last three years. 
 I have made ours but slipcovers are readily available if you don't sew. 

#3. Painted furniture. 
Some of your furniture needs to be painted.

This can be scary.
My husband noticed at dinner one night that I painted the little desk we bought at auction during our first year of marriage.
He noticed it about the time I took a bite of my chicken breast and my half of a baked potato.
(That is about all we eat these days.)
It was an intense moment until he breathed and resumed eating his chicken breast and other half of the baked potato.
I thought I would choke on my chicken.

#4. Turn your books around. 
All the different colors of book bindings take away from the neutral look.

Your family might make fun in the middle of a Christmas gift exchange but don't worry, you know you are on point!

#5. White Accents
White dishes in the form of pitchers and bowls are iconic farmhouse features. 
Some of ours are antiques but some came from local stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Walmart. 
You don't need to be an antique aficionado achieve this look.

#6. Farmhouse style accent fabric
Ticking or grain sacks add a pop of color and interest in the form of pillows and table runners. 
All fabric stores will have pillow ticking.

#7. Something from a barn. 
 You have to have a few things that look like they were just pulled out of a barn.  

#8. Galvanized anything
 This is one of my favorite ways to add farmhouse style. 
I love stuff that is galvanized.

It is readily available everywhere. 
Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply. 
It's darling and can be used in any number of ways. 
It's also cheap! I love cheap!

We've been very blessed that throughout our marriage there has been a style of decorating that allows us to incorporate old junk into our interiors. 
My parents started collecting antiques when early American was the style. 
I'm blessed to have some of their things but I also have stuff from my grandparent's house and my mother in law's house as well. 
It all works.
I love this style of decor. 


  1. You know I love white Katie and it is in my DNA. It just creates a peaceful, comfortable space.
    Your home is lovely and I am going to need a slipcover tutorial:)
    Thinking of you this morning.


  2. You have created a beautiful farmhouse style decor, Katie! Love how you've brightened your home with all the white as well as adding all of your fun accessories. Great tips for getting this style.
    Mary Alice

  3. You have such a beautiful home and you've given me some great ideas. Even though I live in Florida, I decorate in farm style quite a bit too. Love it ALL! And it's a fun party this morning! THANKS! Hugs, Diane

  4. I love your look and home. The white seems so bright and airy. Our home is more traditional and doesn't lend itself to farmhouse or shabby chic-but I love it just the same.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm just going to say "gorgeous"! I love it all. My look is country, and that means lots of wood. After twenty years it starts to get boring. I would be scared to death to go all white...but I think in the end I would love it!!

  6. Gorgeous! Careful while eating Chicken!

  7. Your farmhouse style home is so cozy and peaceful.

  8. It looks beautiful! I am amazed that you've reupholstered so many pieces ~ I need lessons. :) I have to have color but everyone's style is different.


  9. Your home is so pretty and welcoming and comfy. I love the farmhouse look too throughout my home. The white walls compliment the word and other textures in the room.

  10. I love the look you achieved "on accident". It looks wonderful. Your tips are easy for all of us to do.

  11. I prefer painted furniture to stained furniture

  12. Katie I love your farmhouse touches! Your home is always so beautiful.