Saturday, September 3, 2016

Squirrel Cage Light Cover

When I was a kid, it was reported that the lady across the street from us was trapping squirrels.
I could not image what she was doing with them unless she was eating them.
Poor squirrels, or so I thought until the demon squirrels in our back yard wouldn't leave our bird feeder alone.
I've had bad thoughts about those critters and I have wished them ill will. 
Squirrel Cage Light Cover, Farmhouse Kitchen

Ironically, I tried to rescue three baby squirrels once.  
Their bad mother had pushed them out of their nest.
The rescue center wanted me to find their nest and put them back in it. 
When I couldn't find the nest they wanted me to make them one and put it in a tree or shrub.
I almost fell off of the porch swing when the gentleman on the phone told me to get up in the middle of the night and feed them with an eye dropper.
My own babies were lucky they got night feedings. 
I'm kidding but I am not a middle of the night kind of gal unless it involves scrapbooking or a puzzle.  
I finally had to drop the wee ones off at the nature center.
Two days of squirrel sitting and I was undone. 
I told the children that the squirrels were in a better place.
They weren't but that is what I told them. 

I found out the name of our new squirrel cage pendant shade quite by accident. 

Squirrel cage light fixture, farmhouse industrial

I was perusing eBay looking for vintage squirrels to use in some fall decorating.
Even though the real things bring me torment, I love a darling squirrel in a fall vignette. 

Farmhouse, Industirial, Light Fixture, Aqua

Along with vintage squirrel figurines, I kept seeing squirrel cage lights covers.
Oh...that's what our new light cover is called.
A true light bulb moment for sure! 
This little industrial/farmhouse light shade is perfectly darling. 

Squirrel Cage Light Cover, Farmhouse Kitchen

I love to think about the meaning of names and phrases.
As I was thinking about the origin of this name, I envisioned that the cage around the light kept the squirrels from messing with the light bulb.

Farmhouse, Industirial, Light Fixture, Aqua

 I know what they can do to a squirrel proof bird feeder but for the life of me, I couldn't imagine why a squirrel would be messing with a light fixture.

farmhouse kitchen

 A quick internet search yielded the source of the nomenclature.

Squirrel Cage Light Cover, Farmhouse Kitchen

The cover is only named thus because that is what an Edison type light bulb was called.
The filament inside an Edison Bulb resembled a squirrel cage.
Which caused some pondering. 
Squirrel trap, I understand. 
Squirrel cage - not so much.

We were able to get the new fixture cover at Lowes for $18.98.  
It fit our existing pendant so no wiring was required.
It's perfect in our farmhouse inspired kitchen.
No squirrels were harmed in the process.

Savvy Southern Style


  1. That would be awful if a squirrel tried to eat a light-bulb. Must be rather crunchy

  2. It looks wonderful, Katie! Glad no squirrels were harmed lol!

  3. Katie,
    Amazing "squirrel cage" light fixture, dear friend!
    "Mr. Ed" & I are nature lovers. . .
    YES! we have a resident squirrel "Fred" and Resident Bunnies!
    Love your Kitchen !

  4. Love the cage light fixture. It looks great in your kitchen. Thank you for sharing your cute story and new fixture cover with us at Snickerdoodle.

  5. I love this light fixture above your sink! I work on a college campus and the squirrels are plentiful around here. Every year, right before Christmas break, a squirrel finds his way into our building, up our stairs and into our offices. People think they aren't afraid of squirrels until you look down at your feet and see one running around you! I think I will be taking that particular week off this year in December because I don't know if my heart can take another visit from a squirrel this year!


  6. Perfectly darling really is exactly what that light fixture is :) I love it and you have such a beautiful kitchen! Also, we would love to have you at our new Wednesday "To Grandma's House We Go" link party.

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