Monday, September 5, 2016

Ticking Stripe Pumpkins

Handmade Pillow Ticking Pumpkin

 I remember when I first fell in love with pillow ticking. 
My sister and I were on a long distance road trip from New York to Wyoming with my Aunt Janice. 
There was a small feather pillow in the back seat of her Camero. I adopted it. Needless to say, after two weeks of my napping and drooling on it, she gave it to me. 
I still have feathers from that original pillow in one of the pillows around here. 

Pumpkin, Ticking Stripe, Handmade, Squirrel

I love ticking stripe.
 Nothing says Farmhouse or Cottage style like a ticking pillow.

Handmade Pillow Ticking Pumpkin

I saw an image from Debra @ Common Ground Blog.
Her blog is adorable.
See my Pinterest board featuring Debra's blog here.
Follow me since you are already there.

Pumpkin, Ticking Stripe, Handmade, Squirrel

She had a pumpkin made out of pillow ticking.
Her pumpkin was made by a darling Etsy shop called Timewashed.  
Get yours at her shop. 

I had just bought some ticking and then I saw her image on Pinterest. 
It was perfect for a neutral little pumpkin to be featured in some fall vignettes. 
Y'all know how I feel about too much orange. 
This touch on the squirrel and stem is just enough.

Handmade Pillow Ticking Pumpkin

I stitched this pumpkin up before I left for work the other day.
It literally took about 5 minutes.

All you need is a dinner plate, fabric, a needle and thread and some pillow stuffing.

Pumpkin, Ticking Stripe, Handmade, Squirrel

A real stem saved from a decaying pumpkin fit the bill.
It was worth having a rotting pumpkin around for weeks and weeks to get this, let me tell you. 
Can you sense a little sarcasm here?
Y'all are so smart. 

Handmade Pillow Ticking Pumpkin

I used a different technique to make one for the little shelf in the living room.
 The pie bird was a find at the Le Creuset Outlet.
He's been chilling since January waiting for his debut.

The hydrangeas were an eBay purchase.

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 That is all for now.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Katie,
    Blue ticking pumpkin is delightfully unique, dear friend!
    Love the styling of your open cupboard!
    Looking forward to your new Monday Social Party!

  2. Did someone say Blue Ticking?...Love it all, the lantern, the squirrel, and the adorable pumpkin!!!

  3. Very cute and your vignette looks great on the shelves. Happy New Week.

  4. Katie, what a cute little punkin. Anything with blue ticking is always a treat to see. I love your new look..Have a great week..Judy

  5. Love them Katie! They are perfect. I am thinking of redoing some chairs I have in blue ticking stripe.

  6. Oh ticking! One of my very favorite fabrics and your pumpkins are as cute as they can be:)
    Wishing you a lovely week!

  7. Using the ticking.... what a wonderful idea for these super cute pumpkins!

  8. Love these pumpkins they're so cute and simple and looks great next to that Hydrangea bloom.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  9. Your ticking pumpkins are wonderful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. This is so cool. I just love how these pumpkins look. You are so creative!!

  11. Haha! I am hoarding a collection of dried stems. I love ticking stripe and have plans for redoing a wing back chair in red ticking stripe. This is the cutest pumpkin ever! I may actually stop hoarding and start creating. Thanks for the inspiration. Visiting from Share your cup Thursday.

  12. I hope you don't mind if I copy this idea - the ticking pumpkins are so cute.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.