Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Slipcovered Sofa

And I quote, " I think acknowledging you have a slipcover problem is the first step to recovery."

I can't help it. I love the transformative power of a slipcover.

This is such a cute sofa with a great propensity for dog hair magnetism.
I've forbidden her from getting on it but she tends to break the rules when there is no one home to stop her. 

We let her on the old sofa from the time she was a puppy.

Big mistake!
It didn't matter if she stayed off of the sofa, the dog hair found its way to this piece as if there were some sort of magical force beaconing.

It took 20 or 30 lint roller sheets to get some of the hair off. 
The pernicious fibers are able to weave themselves into the fabric.

It was awful.

After a year or two I was over it.
I've thrown covers over it. I've created barricades to prevent her from being able jump on it.

At one point just the seat cushion had a slipcover but it looked terrible.
It was time.
We were having company.
I could spend an hour with the lint roller or I could get a new slipcover.
Slipcover won out.

This time we were going store bought.
The internet is full of successful slipcover stories.
Pottery Barn
Comfort Works

Note to self- Next time buy a three cushion rolled arm sofa because the options are much more prolific.
I could not find a fitted two cushion slipcover unless I went custom.
$500.00? Nope!

 Making it myself was the only way.

I contemplated going with something other than drop cloths.
White cotton, white denim, and sheeting were all materials that were in the running.
In the end, drop cloths won out because the fabric is not a dog hair magnet.
The five drop cloths from Lowe's totaled around $85.00.
I only used 4 of them for this project.

It was a big job simply because it is a big sofa.
I watched the Jon Bennet Ramsey case on the DVR while I worked on the piping for the rolled arm.
(That case has always saddened but intrigued me.)

This part had to be perfect because it's what takes it from looking like a casual slipcover to something a little more tailored.

This has been tested out by the dog hair specialist.
As soon as I left for work, she tested it out with a 7 hour nap.

Bill saw my post about it on Facebook and remarked that I had a slipcovering addiction.
This slipcover was borne out of necessity not out of some dislike for the color of the fabric.
It was already a pretty good neutral but I love the Pottery Barn look to this.

I am almost finished with my slipcovering extravaganza and will enter recovery one of these days but the loveseat in the garden room is the same fabric as the couch.

Dixie uses this one as an alternate napping spot.

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I'm so excited.
Come back and get to know some wonderful bloggers from Texas.
Have a fabulous Saturday.


  1. your cover looks wonderful...i like slipcovers because when the "in" color of sofas goes into something different, it's not hard to change.
    Good job

  2. We kept my dog with her leashed tied to a doorknob when she grew up. She cried to be an inside dog, but she would just invade everything and destroy it if you let her. Always hunting for a piece of food too.

    We tried a few methods to contain her and the leash-doorknob in the hallway seemed to be what she liked the most. It gave my dog her own space but she never could get into anything she wasn't suppose to.

    But one night she wiggled off the door and got into the living room which is like a literal foot away. We found her sleeping in a chair all curled up.

    What I hate is getting her a new pillow/pet bed and find her sleeping on the floor.

  3. Katie,
    Great job with the piping for the rolled arms. These make your slip cover look tailored. You are far more talented than I am. Home made slipcovers are not in my future. :)


  4. the piping really does make it look professional. hope that works to keep the dog hair down.

  5. WOW - I could never EVER sew something like that - never, no how.

    You did a GREAT job- and the piping? SHEESH - looks soooo good.

    Well, you may not WAMT to give up this addiction - you are GOOD at it!

    Your dog is sooooooooooo adorb.

  6. What a great job, not something I'd want to take on.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  7. So funny! You did a beautiful job! I totally understand about the pet hair, our cats are shedders too. We have to roll the bed every night before we can go to bed!

  8. That cover looks great, Katie. I envy you your sewing expertise. I would have though it was done professionally. Good job!!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  9. Oh Katie!! It is beautiful!! Fresh and clean lines!!! My kinda style!! Great work!

  10. Your slipcover looks did a fabulous job!!!!! We allow our dogs on the sofa in the den but not the living room. Thankfully they are content and don't try to sneak on the other one in the living room.

  11. Such amazing sofa and picture.. i loved your living room. i just bought extra long sofa covers from coverissimo. they are beautiful