Monday, October 17, 2016

Christmas 2016 At Decorator Warehouse

 Good morning,
Happy Christmas!
I shouldn't be thinking about Christmas this early but I just can't help myself.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

We have the most amazing Christmas store in town.
They claim it is the largest store of its kind in Texas and one of the largest in the world.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

Dave and I stopped in when he was here for Junkpalooza. 

Christmas 2016Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

The store closes down in early summer so that it can be completely transformed. 
The decorated trees from the previous year have been sold and can be picked up by their new owners. 

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

Once the old trees are removed, the staff can begin decorating the space for the upcoming season.

Christmas 2016Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

It never disappoints.
I adore walking in on a sweltering hot day in August or October.

Christmas 2016Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

 The Christmas music is playing, they have the air conditioning cranked down and I immediately feel cooler.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

It is a magical wonderland that fills the senses.
I'm instantly in a good mood.

Christmas 2016Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

I can be completely stressed out by the cares of the world but all that vanishes as soon as I start walking around.

Christmas 2016Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Decorator Warehouse.

Stress is replaced with a surge of creative juices.

I tweak my Christmas every year. Very rarely is it the same two years in a row.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

This place is a Pinterest board come to life and a playground for my ideas.

I love these candles in a globe terrarium normally used for succulents.
I may have to get some of these.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

These fur poinsettias are fun.

Each section is decorated according to theme and they have about 20 different themes.

The traditional themes and colors are all in attendance.
They have angels, nativities, woodland, western, gingerbread, elves, Santas and more. 

They have traditional red and green but they also have gold, silver, white, aqua, and purple. 

The section with this adorable pick up was a little woodland with some farmhouse mixed in.

Display at Decorator Warehouse 2016

It was my favorite new element in the space. 

It never fails.
If I start thinking about Christmas this early, I'm completely over the whole thing as soon as the wrapping paper is cleaned up off of the floor but somehow I  just have no self control.
 This place doesn't help keep the urge at bay.
The North Texas bloggers are getting together in a few weeks to eat at the tea room that is inside the store.
It should be crazy fun.
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  1. It looks magical and I can see how it would be a great stress reliever. Love the candles in the globes too!

  2. Katie,
    Oh, my goodness!
    I absolutely l o v e Christmas!
    This would definitely put me in the decorating mood!
    Thank you for sharing such a fabulous shop!
    You've got me in the Holiday mood, for sure!

  3. This is the first Christmas post I've seen this year and it was a doozie. Love the old truck.

  4. What a wonderful place to visit. Lots of eye-candy and love that old truck. Thanks for sharing.

  5. OMG Katie how fun is this place. Love love love that truck. You are a lucky girl to have that store so close.

  6. It truly is a magical wonderland! I could decorate 3 trees and probably a lot more after a visit here. I always wonder if the staff ever tires of several months of Christmas. I adore the season but my tolerance level for the decor is dwindling. There's just not a lot of space here and it begins to give me claustrophobia! :) I never tire of the lights.


  7. It'll be here before we know it

  8. Katie,
    is there anything better then a really great Christmas store, I think not! I've been to a few really good ones, there's one in Door County WI, and Roger's Gardens in Newport CA has an amazing Christmas department. Christmas is my favorite, love decorating for it. Enjoyed your shop tour!

  9. Katie,
    I snapped photos of the same old truck with its tree a couple of months ago. Great minds....
    I remember when Decorator Warehouse was in a very small warehouse on Hwy 303 with merchandise lying in cardboard boxes on top of folding tables. Boy, have they grown.


  10. Decorator's Warehouse used to be in Plano, and right around the corner from where I lived. It was always a great visit! I know you girls will have a great time.

  11. Hi Katie, I know DW is a great place to visit, to be inspired and catch the Christmas spirit. You girls are going to have a fabulous time!! Love the truck!! Have fun!

  12. Wow, my wallet would never recover....but I would love it!! So glad I saw this, I need to put that store on my bucket list to see.

  13. thanks for posting these photos! They are geat! I love seeing this store! I saw your post over at "A Stroll Thru Life" blog party.

  14. That was fun! I have a store in Michigan called Bronner's that is a huge Christmas store but it's 200 miles away so I don't get to it often. I enjoyed the different trees and deco seen here. I am thinking and planning for Christmas but won't put it out until after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy it through the holiday- in fact I keep mine up through the New Year! I love that old truck- that's awesome with Santa in it!