Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monday Social #6

Welcome to 

Monday Social #6

Thanks for joining us!

The hostess this week is 

Do you Instagram?
I do and I'm hooked.
It's so fun and quick to add a photo of whatever you are doing at any given moment.
I took the photo above as I left my house the other morning.  It occurred to me that I wanted to share my fun Jack-o-lantern, but he wasn't blog post material. Ta da... post him to Instagram.

You can edit photos (if you want) right there on Instagram.
Then comes the magic.
Followers will instantly let you know that they like what you've shared.
A simple hashtag can lead you to find lots of people who like the same kinds of things as you.
#vintage #Frenchcountrydecor #Farmhousestyle #Mondaysocialparty #pumpkins
You get the idea.

Stuck waiting a few minutes for an appointment?
Just scroll through all the latest eye candy from everyone you follow.
Before you know it, the nurse is saying your name for the third time.

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram.
And then add your Instagram photos to this party!
We want to find you and follow you
 (on Instagram silly....)

Welcome to 

Judith at Botanic Bleu  || Instagram || Facebook || Pinterest || Botanic Bleu ||
Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles || Instagram || Facebook || Pinterest || Let's Add Sprinkles ||
Eilis at My Heart Lives Here  || Instagram || Pinterest || My Heart Lives Here || 

Monday Social
is a social gathering of friends where we connect with others by visiting them on 

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or a Blog.  

That's right, you do not have to write a blog to participate in Monday Socials.
You can also link photos from Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Find the addresses for your friends' sites, and 
link your addresses for friends to find. 


Each Sunday at 4:00 p.m. party goers link up photos from one of four sites, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or a Blog.  

Old-fashioned socials were held on/in lawns, porches, parlors, churches... where friends mixed, mingled, and shared their lives... and exchanged their calling cards that gave their names and contact information. 

Monday Social is a 21st century social where we exchange our calling cards (link our URL addresses) for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and a Blog.

Thank you for joining us for Monday Social #5 last week.

A few quick reminders...

Link your specific PHOTO not just your general social media site. 
Link YOUR photos or photos you have permission to use.  
Please do not link Etsy or other direct advertising. 

Let's get to the features.


Sarah shared this pumpkin display from Marburger Farm.
I want to go to Round Top! But in the mean time I will happily visit it on Instagram.
Check out Sarah's Instagram for more beautiful photos. 


Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction pinned her wonderful Jack-o-lantern transformations
How cute would it be to put a fern in one?
See her board at My Thrift Store Addiction


Christina Paul at PennyWise shared some fun free printable candy bar wraps.
Wouldn't these make a great party favor?

Keep sharing and tell your friends. 
We love seeing all your links and sharing them with others. 


Party Directions

Come as you are.
In your cocktail dress, boot-scooting boots, or your jammies, but
remember your party manners, and do the following, please.

We would love for you to FOLLOW all your hostesses on their blogs at least one way ...
Bloglovin', email subscription, URL, Google Friend Connect, Google+, etc...

And FOLLOW each hostess on at least one social medium.
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Please read how to be a good guest before linking to the party. 

1] Link a maximum of 5 photos that take party goers to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or a Blog. Share home decor, DIY, recipes, inspirational thoughts... whatever is going on in your world.   

2] You do NOT have to write a blog to link up photos to Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Isn't this great? More people can join the gathering. Just grab the web address and link away.

3] Monday Social attendees visit sites linked to the party and socialize ... 

4] No direct links to linky parties or advertising including Etsy shops.

5] By joining the party, you are agreeing that the photos are yours or that you have permission to use them, that we may use those photos to feature your work on a blog post and/or in social media. The blog post will always have a link back to you. Remember to disable "no reply" to your email so we can reach you.

6] Not required, but we would love for everyone to invite their readers to join the party and to share the Monday Social button on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blog sites.

Need help linking to the party? See Monday Social Linky that explains how to link up Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Blog photos.

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