Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Five Fall Essentials/ Essential #2- Greenery Clippings

I've come up with five fall essentials for my decor.
Yesterday I showed different plaid throws.
Another must have decor item is fresh clippings from the yard. 

I just recently discovered how wonderful wax leaf ligustrum looks in a fall vignette. 
The clippings last for about a week or more without being in water. 
They have a darling little berry. 

Boxwood is one of my favorites.
I used to have eight huge bushes for clipping.
We pulled those all out because they were so overgrown.
I only have one currently.

  I'd like to get some more for clipping but Bill says they smell like cat pee.

For years we thought the cat was peeing right by our front door.
Nope. It was the boxwoods.

Dwarf Nandina bushes are wonderful for clipping.
The leaf color can be a gorgeous chartreuse color.
Hints of gold and coral begin to appear until the reds appear around Christmas.

They are perfect since Texas is a little bereft of fall color.



Waxleaf Ligustrum

Waxleaf Ligustrum

That is it for today.
Grab your clippers and gather some fresh greenery for your space.
See you tomorrow.


  1. So clever to use natural greenery in your fall decor. Lovely vignettes.

  2. Doesn't sound like a fun smell if he's right

  3. I love using natural decor and clipping in autumn arrangements. Unfortunately my yard is full of tropicals and nothing hints of fall. I miss the bittersweet we had in Idaho :(

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. I like to cut magnolia leaves and bring them in this time of year. The nandina is also good, especially when it turns orange and puts out berries. Susan mentioned bittersweet. I always buy a bunch at the grocery store.

  5. Hi Katie ... love your decorations and thanks for all the suggestions. I am ready to re-do some of my Fall decorations and what perfect way, but bring some greenery in from the yard. Our Nandinas are full of red/orange berries and I am sure we have lots of Waxleaf Ligustrum up in the back corner. Not seeing any bittersweet around here, but I sure think it is pretty and perfect this time of the year.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Many favorites of mine here today too. Of course fresh eucalyptus is always a good choice for me, but it might be too heavy of a scent for some.
    Thanks for these tips.

  7. Katie,
    During the Christmas decorating season, I love to use native cedars that have blue berries. We have native yaupon hollies that grow around our little plot in the country. The berries are just beginning to turn and are another favorite for Christmas decor.