Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Five Fall Essentials/Essential #3 - Lanterns

I am back with the third installment in my series about my essentials for fall decor.
When we went to Charleston this past summer, I was just captivated by all the gas lanterns.
I love lanterns.
They are just too fun for fall decorating.

They give a warm glow that evokes evenings at home during the fall and winter months.
The sun is setting earlier and it's a perfect time to add some accent lighting with a lantern.

We found this one at Tuesday Morning. 
It is battery operated so there is no chance I'll forget and leave a candle burning. 

Yes, that has happened. 
I had a snowman crock with a candle in it.
I came down one morning and saw a tiny little glow in the kitchen window. 
 The fact that it was in a crock saved us, I think. 
I prefer these battery operated candles for that reason. 

A lantern can be a perfect place to house a little vignette.

Lantern display, concrete squirrel with a ticking pumpkin.

I adore our lantern by the front stoop.
It's so cute. 

.Planter filled with pumpkins, bench, scarecrow, Mums, Lanterns on Porch

We got this at a garage sale for five dollars.
Bill took the old wiring out and rewired it with a plug.
We plug it in on fall or winter evenings for a soft amber glow.

Planter filled with pumpkins, bench, scarecrowLantern on front porch.

Filling a lantern with small pumpkins is adorable.

Owl lantern with candle.  Lantern filled with pumpkins, Leaves

The owl lantern was a thrifted find. 
Isn't he a darling? 

Owl lantern with candle.  Lantern filled with pumpkins, Leaves

Don't worry.
I've already blown out his candle.

Owl lantern with candle.  Lantern filled with pumpkins, Leaves

Do you love lanterns?
Come back tomorrow for another installment of this series.


  1. I completely agree with you. I love lanterns!

  2. Adorbs, I love the little owl! Happy FalL!!! xoxoxo

  3. love candles, but I'm not good at remembering to blow them out so I have the battery operated candles that turn off after 5 hours. Everyone rests comfortable knowing I won't burn us down.

  4. Love your lanterns and how you have them displayed. I love to take the old electric lanterns, remove the wiring and use them for candles.
    You have a lovely home.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Katie, I like to use lanterns on the table when we dine alfresco on the terrace. It's a safer way to have candlelight on the table. Also like you, the battery operated candles are my choice now because of safety. Love your little owl lantern.

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