Thursday, October 13, 2016

Five Fall Essentials/Essential #4 - Pumpkins

My fourth essential element for fall decorating is pumpkins.
Carved or not, orange or not, this icon of the season is a staple in our decor.

I have fond memories of carving Jack-o-lanterns when my brothers and I were kids.
I think we each got our own pumpkin to carve.

My mom was a thrifter like I am.
I don't know why, but I feel like my brother's lion costume came from one of her junking forays.
Why is that mask so big?

I remember when one of the boys went to the pumpkin contest at Boy Scouts.
We got disqualified because my son didn't have his Whittling Chip.
The Whittling Chip meant he could carry a pocket knife to Scout meetings.

I had no idea it meant he couldn't carve a pumpkin at home.
He may not have had the chip but he could certainly carve.
No fingers were lost in the carving of his pumpkin.
We came home, lit his pumpkin, and had our own little celebration.
It probably involved chocolate chip cookies, brownies or ice cream.

I love a good pumpkin.

My favorite examples are usually handcrafted.

The green velvet pumpkins with real stems are new this year.
I made them out of pillow covers that I found at a resale shop.

I've collected some fun examples over the years.

Faux pumpkins are fine with me.

Hobby Lobby has some pretty realistic looking examples.

This pumpkin chimaea came from Kroger.
He is a cutie. I've filled him with orange twinkle lights instead of a candle.
He is perfect for greeting our Trick or Treaters.
It's not October without pumpkins!
Have a great day.

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  1. I remember how crappy Halloween costumes were when I was little. I remember a plastic mask with a poncho

  2. You have some charming pumpkins! Love the old photo...that lion mask IS big!

  3. You have some really pretty pumpkins and have displayed them so nicely.
    Audrey Z.

  4. Katie,
    You have a great pumpkin collection. Love all your vignettes.

  5. Very nice collection! I haven't bought any real pumpkins this year ~ they're too expensive and it's too hot! Love your green velvet one and the ones from Hobby Lobby look so natural. I saw those chimaeas at Kroger ~ so cute!

    Have a blessed Sunday!