Friday, October 21, 2016

Katie Lands In Hot Water!

There have been a couple of times when my DIYs have gotten me in hot water. 
I'll tell you about the first time Bill's patience reached a boiling point. 

The kitchen floor when we bought the house was a gross off white vinyl. 
I'm quite sure it was bottom of the line flooring. 
You can image what it was like to keep this floor clean with three kids, a dog and a cat. 

Picture it for a minute if you will... 
Thank you -pity party over. 
I mopped every day or every other day. 
I saw an article in one of my magazines about painted concrete floors. 

Bill and I have differing views of DIY. 
I'm a "throw it together and see what happens" type. 
He is more of a planner. 

See how happy planning makes him?
Sometimes these two don't mix very well. 
I decided to rip up the vinyl flooring one morning after he left for work. 
I just could not mop that floor one more time! 

It was all going pretty well until I got to the pantry and the laundry room. 
Most of the kitchen was finished by the time he came home but I ran out of steam and I could not get the vinyl off in those two small areas. 
Bill did not appreciate what I had done.
 I was in trouble but the gray floor with a stamped brick pattern looked super cute and it saved me from daily mopping. 
All was well, or so I thought, until it was time to lay new flooring over the painted surface.
The floor guy said that the glue for the new floor would not stick to the concrete paint and the paint had to be sanded off. 
I think I saw steam coming out of Bill's ears. 

For quite a while after that incident, I asked permission before embarking on another project that would land me in a scalding bath of trouble.
 Asking permission doesn't always keep turmoil at bay.

 I few weeks ago, I shared that I was painting our kitchen cabinets. 
The French door in the kitchen hadn't been painted in years and it looked brown next to the white cabinets. 

I remember being traumatized because my dad made me scrape paint off of glass at some point during my childhood. I decided to loosen the plastic molding piece on the door. 
It seemed easier to pull the grids away from the glass to paint them. 
Painter's tape was out of the question. I'm not nearly patient enough for that. 
I accidentally got a dab of oil based paint on the upper right hand corner of the glass so I used a finger to scrape it off before it dried.
Like some sort of slow motion nightmare the glass gave way. 

"This isn't going to end well." was my thought as the panel cascaded to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. 
The vinyl floor immediately popped into my head. 
I'd landed myself in another simmering cauldron of H2O. 

The new door has been delivered and it will be installed on Monday. 
No grids. 
I'll be back with a reveal and our thought process. 
There is still time to link to Monday Social #6. 


  1. That's hilarious!! But I know it must have been pretty traumatic for you when the glass broke! Sometimes it is just easier to ask forgiveness than for permission!

  2. Oh no...that must have been shocking! The new door looks like a nice, though! Hope alls well that ends well applies here!

  3. Katie,
    Oh, dear friend, I held my laughter until. . . simmering cauldron of H2O!
    Your Bill needs his favorite home cooked meal to soften this blow!
    L o v e your kitchen photos!
    The painted cabinets are gorgeous!
    I'll be watching for a reveal on Monday!

  4. That's my weakness in painting, lack of patience

  5. LOL! Oh my goodness, reading the whole thing is just too funny, but I know it wasn't while you were going thru all of that. Poor Bill! :D Hey, I love how you chronicled the story with your family pictures!

  6. Oh Katie. I can just picture the look on your face as that glass headed south. At least you got new doors to replace it.

  7. Oh my ... what a mess you have gotten yourself into. I am sure you will love the new doors much better.

  8. Katie,
    L U C Y...... comes to mind. :)


  9. Oh no Katie on the door breaking. I know the new one will look beautiful. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  10. You just crack me up!! I know this isn't really funny when you are living it but I love that you see no limits and you just go for it! Even though Bill might get frustrated, I'm sure he loves that about you too. :)

  11. Oh noooooooooo!!!!!!! I feel your pain. One time I took my husband's truck to pick up pine straw because he was taking too long to do it himself. I ended up backing into the trailer that held the pine straw and dinged his truck. He was NOT happy. Now, I never want to drive his truck because he is so OCD about it. Not to mention that he has taken my car out before and ran into something too. But, of course he doesn't bring that fact up. I think we all have situations where we have regrets, but honestly, if we didn't try to do some of these things ourselves, they may never get done! I'm sure your new door will look great.

  12. Katie, I know it was no fun for you, but you got my Monday morning off to a good start with a smile and a laugh. We've all had our "disaster" and wouldn't it be nice to smile at all of them. Have a great week!

  13. Can I ask what the paint color of your kitchen walls?

  14. How dreadful! I can think of a couple of times where my DIY got me into hot water too....
    Hope the new door works out brilliantly...

  15. You tell a good story, Katie! Sorry you ended up in the cauldron over this one. Looking forward to seeing the new door.

  16. Those "grids"? They're called mullions, as in, "The mullions shifted, the glass gave way and shattered into millions of pieces."

    Oh. My. I just HAD to read this "oops" upon seeing it at Decor to adore. *sigh*