Saturday, December 10, 2016

Garden Room Christmas Brimming With Plaid

Hi everybody.
The garden room is one of our favorite spaces. I'm excited to show it to you. 

You may have heard that I love plaid! 
The garden room decor always centers around my plaid tin collection. 

I added little vintage elves to the display. 

The tree has candles, gnomes, mushrooms and elves with red and black accents. 

Posted this picture on Facebook. A friend of ours accused me of jailing Frosty.
I told him that it was better than that time I locked Rudolf in a jar.
Who will guide Santa's sleigh if Rudolf is locked in a jar?
I love my jailed Snowman. He got a dapper new plaid scarf to match the black watch plaid pillows in here. 

Bill got me the Lenox snowman for Christmas one year. He usually gets me a piece every year.
This snowman is a cutie.

The vintage Folger's coffee can came from Bill's Granny Vi. 
I love it. 
We drank Folger's for years and years until Starbucks came out. 

Thanks for stopping by, Cutie Pies. 
I'll be sharing more about my trees on Tuesday as a part of the Creating Christmas Link Party. 
I'll have links to all the other participants next week.

Please continue to visit my friends that opened their homes and blogs for my Cozy Christmas blog tour. 

You will find all the links in the post. 

Thanks so much for stopping in. 
Let's Add Sprinkles reaches a huge milestone in the next day or two. 
I'll be back to share. 


  1. Love the little dog on your shelf with all the plaid.

  2. Oh I am just mad for all your plaid Katie!

  3. Love the plaid shelf and the little elves and dog are so cute there too.
    Everything looks so pretty.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  4. You know I LOVE that plaid, Katie! Adorable birdcage filled with goodies!

  5. I'm one who loves tartan and plaids too. Lots of it out here at Christmas and throughout the year. Love your collection of plaid tins.

  6. Adorable! You can't go wrong with plaid now or any time really. I do love your garden room. :)

  7. So cozy and pretty as always Katie. Love your plaids especially the vintage tins. That sunroom is so pretty.

  8. I love the way you decorated, cozy and welcoming. I like the plaid accents too!

  9. Red and green and vintage and cute, you can't go wrong! I love all the fun vintage displays you've put together in your garden room, Katie. Thanks so much for the tour!

  10. Wow!! so lovely decorations!!!

    Please visit:

  11. Love the plaid! I added some to my d├ęcor too and it just works everywhere.

  12. There are just so many things to comment on and I know I will miss some.

    The Folgers can with the candle, the little chair holding a gift by the tree, the little wooden candy cane, all the plaid . . .