Thursday, December 8, 2016

Twelve Crafts of Christmas/ #4 The Cutest Snowman

I've wanted to make a snowman out of styrofoam balls for quite a while. 

It's been on my "to do" list for years. I've got a little procrastinator in me. 
I've made snowmen out of chenille bedspreads and scraps of white fabric. 
 I think I even made a whole snow family. 
Nothing says "Home for the Holidays" more than a snow family. 
I've seen some darling snowmen on the internet. 
I looked at some tutorials. 

Here is the thing. 
You can't just hot glue to styrofoam balls together and call it a day. 

It doesn't look quite right. 
One tutorial had the balls covered in Epsom Salt.
I didn't have any. 
I saw another one that had felted wool covering the foam. 
I had some felt. 

I decided to give it a try. 
Haha. Manufactored felt is not the same as felted wool. 
My little guy was okay but he has some problems. 

He is a little rumply at the bottom. It reminds me of someone else I know. 
I went back to the internet and YouTube to discover exactly what felted wool was all about. 
Oh. Here is the link to a video I watched.
Are you kidding me? 
That mouse is just too precious. 
I decided to hunt down some felted wool. 
The felted wool or roving wool had to be ordered if I'd wanted to get it from Joann's. 
Y'all know I'm too impatient for that. 
Hobby Lobby had it on the website but would they have it in stock? 
I headed to Hobby Lobby the very next morning. 
I was so excited about this that I almost didn't wear make up. 
Y'all know my feelings about make up. 
The surest way to run into someone I know is to go to The Kroger or The Walmart without make up. 
I made myself up, put on my cutest plaid shirt and my puffy vest and zipped around the corner to the Hoblob. 
You would be jealous if you know how close it is to me. 
They had exactly what I was looking for. 

It was in the needlework section down behind the fabric section but before you get to the picture frames. 
Just in case you have to go to get some yourself.

I attached my balls together with a portion of a wooden skewer and hot glue. 
We have literally thousands of these because you just never know when the need for shish-k-bob is going to strike. 
Okay, I know that you are annoyed right now because I literally just broke the rule about using the word literally. 
We have about 50 skewers. 
They come in handy for crafts. 
I flattened the wool and smoothed it around the balls. I used the needles to get it to go into the styrofoam a little.  

Orange wool wrapped around a skewer became the carrot nose. It is hot glued onto the figure.
Black glass beads became his eyes.

His scarf is made out of a remnant of black watch plaid flannel. I have the matching blanket scarf.
His hat is made from polyester black felt. 
I glued some iridescent glitter on his hat.

He is tucked in a vintage gingham lunch box. 
A vintage reindeer keeps him company.

Ohh la la. 
I think I've got it this time. 
I am in love.

 Roving wool or felted wool. It was fun. 
A little mouse may be calling my name.

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  1. Too cute. I can't wait till my life settles down, so that I have time to do this. You are giving me so many new ideas....

  2. Soo adorable Katie. Great job.

  3. Katie,
    You crack me up. Exactly right... wear no make-up and see/be seen by 4 people you know. Your little snowman is adorable.


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  5. Well, that is the cutest darn snowman I've ever seen! I have one question: Are the styrofoam balls the same size or is the one for his head a bit smaller? He's so cute in his little lunch box display. I'd pay money for him!

  6. Your snowman is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.