Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Decorations After Christmas

Taking down Christmas is like ripping off a bandaid.

I don't want Christmas to be over but there is no denying that it's over for the year. 
"I might as well get it over with." was my thought this year.

I love the clean, almost minimal look after all the Christmas folderol is put away.
(As minimal as I can get, anyway.)
The decorating excesses of the last four months are packed away for another time.
Can I even remember what I had on the mantel?

I took my cue from the outside when adorning my rooms for winter.
The bare branches and gray sky were my inspiration this year.
I clipped crepe myrtle branches for a few of my vases.

Mercury glass votive holders dot my tables.

Little friends, like this penguin from Pier 1, are left out for a few weeks.

Chunky cable knit throws and pillows add texture to the almost all white scheme.

Snowy bird houses from the tree are festive but appropriate for this time of year.
They aren't too Christmasy to be left out.

Christmas greens are put away. They are replaced with boxwood and eleagnus clippings from the yard.

I love the silvery green leaf of eleagnus.

Lanterns and candles fill the void where Santa and Frosty used to sit.

Paper whites, real and faux, are favorites on some of the table tops.

That is what I'm working on, my friends.
I'll be back with more room views.

There is lull now that the Christmas posts are all finished up.
I'll be cutting back a little but we will be back with Monday Social on Sunday.
I hope you are warm and cozy in these last few days before the new year.


  1. Sometimes it is good to get back to a simpler theme. Love your decor.

  2. Your home looks so pretty and fresh for the New Year!

  3. Love your simpler winter decor. I took down all my Christmas today and it feels empty. So I am going to work on some simple pieces to bring back in to my decor. I am embracing less is more for 2017. Simple and peaceful is my new theme. Wishing you a wonderful new year full of great health, happiness and lots and lots of fun creative adventures.

  4. I have most of mine down and packed away...i am going BARE for more little stuff sitting around...the less the better for the rest of the winter...

  5. I loved the 'bandaid' analogy. So true. I tried to take the stocking off our door and The Cowboy called me 'Scrooge'! I love your simple decorating theme. I add snowmen to my decorating for January. Although I always wish they could be around longer too!
    I hope you'll save this post and come over and link up next week.
    My monthly theme parties start again in January. The list for the year is over:
    I hope you'll plan to add Our Holiday Journey to your party list.
    I'll see you next week.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Looking good as usual. What to leave up or how to decorate after After Christmas decorating has always been difficult ... but you have done a great job of keeping it interesting and seasonal. Spring-like temperature here. So hard to know how to decorate.
    Happy New year.
    Audrey Z.

  7. I just love the candle cozy in the last photo!

  8. Katie,
    I'm taking the bandaid off the painful way... tugging at it over time. Started in my bedroom and will be working my way to the rest of the house. Your wooden snowflake could hang around through February.


  9. So pretty, Katie! I love to decorate for winter coziness, too! Wishing you a wonderful 2017!

  10. You have a beautiful home! I always hate how empty my house feels after I take down the Christmas decor.