Monday, January 16, 2017

Antique Mall Walking

I love walking an antique mall to clear my head and to get into the "relaxation" zone. 
We have one good antique mall left in town. 
We used to have a half dozen of them but when the price of real estate goes up the antique malls go under. 

I saw some fun things the other day so I thought I'd share. 

My sister and I each have a sewing cabinet. This one is simply gorgeous painted white. 

I've always wanted a church pew. 
I'd like to find the ones that came out of our church, however. 
Does anybody know where those went? 

One of my students wanted a tuba for Christmas. They don't make student tubas.
I saw this alto horn. 
It might pass. 

These old skis are fabulous. 

The same booth had this tree decorated with antiques. 


It had some vintage plaid which you know I just love. 

I'd never seen this Lenox pattern before. 
It had some of the same elements as my Autumn. 

This diamond paned window caught my eye. 
The windows in our house growing up were like this. 
Love it. 

The Sinclair dinosaur is still there. 
I'm sure they would ship him if you are interested. 

By the time I left the store, I felt much more at peace. 

I'll have some fun news for you by the end of the week. 
Stay tuned. 

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  1. I, too, like walking around antique malls for relaxation. I find it very inspiring, too. Love the tree with the antiques, and the plaid lunch boxes (I think that's what I see...or maybe it's a picnic basket...anyway, I like that. It reminds me of a plaid lunch box I had as a child. I saw one recently on an Etsy vintage shop. Tempted to buy it. . .but I don't really need it. LOL

  2. Antiquing is so fun and I love that you never see the same things twice, there is always some new treasure to Stumble upon. I hope you had a marvelous Monday and here's to a great week ahead!

  3. Looks like a great place to visit and shop. I had a Sinclair dino pool float when I was a kid!!!
    Have a great new week.

  4. Katie, I like to wander our antique mall at times just to relax. It's a mindless bit of time, and I can get lost in just looking at interesting things. Sadly, one of our better antique stores is closing the end of the month. Our antique mall is not the best, but it's something. I was extremely sad to read that Lover's Lane Antique Mall closed. ;-(

  5. I love strolling through an antique mall. Love the things you've showed us.

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