Monday, January 9, 2017

Faux Boxwood Wreath

Hi friends,
I wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite clippings. 

I am in love with boxwood. 
We had a hedge row of it right outside our front door. 
It was terribly overgrown and according to Bill, it smelled like cat pee.
We pulled it all out and I've missed it.
Not the smell, obviously. 
When we had a plethora of it, I'd snip it for vases and pitchers.
We always had fresh greenery.

I managed to sneak one little boxwood plant back into the flower bed. 
Don't tell Bill.
It isn't by the front door this time. 
This one little plant isn't enough to fill my many white ironstone pitchers.
I thought I'd start preserving it.
A little internet research yielded information about glycerine.
Glycerine and water was supposed to preserve it.
Not for me, it didn't.

With no preserved boxwood on hand, I went faux with a candle ring from Joann's. 
It is pretty realistic looking.
Once taken apart, it was easily wired to a grapevine wreath.

It's so cute. 
It can be used now or later as a part of next year's Christmas decor.
I did owe you one more Christmas craft. 

This cost about $8.00. 

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog. 
Come back tomorrow for links to all my Christmas crafts.
Have a wonderful day and Happy Monday. 


  1. That is absolutely darling, Katie - as is your entire hutch of post Christmas /winter decor. Well done!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Katie,
    A great way to create a faux boxwood wreath! Thank you for giving Botanic Bleu a shout-out. I do love boxwood wreaths and have planted two shrubs in containers on my deck in hopes of boxwood clippings in the future.


  3. Katie, long ago there was a blogger that I loved to follow and she grew boxwoods in pots. You might try that. :)

    I love what you did!

  4. That looks wonderful. I always love something green this time of year, boxwood is perfect. Have a great week!

  5. I LOVE Boxwood!!! I have a bunch in the front yard landscaping, now I'm going to have to go smell it. Your little wreath is adorable!

  6. Lovely wreath Katie. We have some boxwood and I'm going to try to make one.

  7. Hi Katie,
    We do not have boxwood in our area. It is something I would enjoy. I read above that Stacey mentioned to try growing it in pots. I wonder if I can do that? I am thinking our Winters would be too hard on the boxwood, this way I could bring it inside during our cold, cold days.

  8. Darling wreath, Katie! I just made myself a wreath to bring some life into our house during a cold spell. I don't think boxwood grows up north, but I feel the same about the smell of lilies. They're so pretty, but the smell!

  9. Boxwood is a favorite of mine, too. I had quite a few boxwood around our front door in our last home, and often wondered where the smell was coming from until I learned it was the bush. Love pops of greenery in the winter decor!
    Mary Alice

  10. Boxwood and I have had an affair going for more years than I can mama loved it, guess that's when I started...
    I use it year 'round..not just Christmas...and I can't seem to get enuf. right now, I am saving my pennies to get a LARGE one to use on the wreath holder I bought last fall...the large ones are so expensive...but oh, so pretty. Your little faux is adorable...

  11. Love the Boxwood Wreath, So charming. Also adore the ceramic church on your shelf, Can you share where it is from, Thanks, Love your blog

    1. Hobby Lobby before Christmas. Thank you for the sweet words.

  12. I love Boxwood too. Just pretty and natural for any decor. Yours looks so good in your white ironstone. Love the little wreath you made too. Have a great new week ahead.

  13. Boxwood Beauty!! So precious and adds such a sweetness to any home!

  14. Your little wreath turned out so pretty, Katie. I love the preserved boxwood topiaries that I sometimes see at HomeGoods.