Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Louis Vuitton Key Holder

I have had the best time getting older/vintage Louis Vuitton stuff off of eBay.
Every once in a while you can find a classic at a bargain price. 
I wanted a key holder to keep work, house, and car keys all in one spot. 
Don't you loathe looking for your keys? 
 I lost my car keys after moving my classroom several years ago. I had my classroom keys.
No car keys.
After a full day of moving, I spent an hour looking for keys. 
Super fun, let me tell you. 

Epi is a type of Louis Vuitton leather. 
It was very popular in the 90s but has recently made a comeback. 
I found a 6 key holder for a great deal. 
It is identical to this one but I do think mine was in a little it better shape. 
It was also much cheaper. 

I usually opt for "buy it now" It took about a week to come from Japan. 

It needed a decent cleaning. 

I adore the purple inside. 

Cleaning helped but it didn't take care of all of the worn spots. 

I used basic acrylic paint to clean up the edges. 

It needed another go round about six months later. 
I ruined it by using a yellow dye that was a little too bright. 
Sorry no picture. 

After a year, I gave myself permission to let the yellow go. 
Bill had some black leather dye. 

Hello, gorgeous. 
The yellow was fun but the black is so classy looking.
I adore black and purple.

Did you know you could re-dye leather?
Tandy Crafts has leather dye but you could also order it off of eBay.
Just chose a darker shade.

I'm sold on this method of corralling my keys. I don't misplace my keys as often. 
They are harder to see in my purse now that the key holder is black but worth it. 
A new 6 Key Holder is currently $310.00. 
I think I paid $35.00. 
Read my thoughts on shopping for second hand designer items in this post. 

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  1. My wife had a friend that moved to Japan. We had to use airmail to send her a Christmas card. She did get a gift from her that she bought in Japan for her birthday last year.

  2. it's gorgeous and you did a great job restoring and dyeing it. I'd be afraid to buy LV pieces, I'm afraid of being duped. some of the fakes look so real! How do you know the real ones?

  3. You did great, Katie, and the black turned out so well!

  4. I love Ebay. It's such a great place to find designer products that are discontinued and at a lower price. I don't use keys. My car has a key fob so I start the car with the push of a button. Then, I use my garage door opener when I drive up and then just walk into the house from there. I have a key to our house in my purse (just in case) but that's it.

  5. That restoration is amazing! Wow.