Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bird Decor In The Garden Room

Do you have snow?

It was 80 yesterday. 

In order to sleep, I had to turn on the air conditioner. 
It's February! 
I can't imagine what the summer will be like. 

Here is how the dish dresser looked a few weeks ago until I pulled anything resembling snow from the mix. 

I picked up a couple of new pieces of green transferware last time I was at the antique mall. 
The larger green and white pitcher and the small bowl and lid.

The listing said it was a sugar bowl but it looks like a bowl that would come with a wash bowl and pitcher set. 
Either way, I love the shape and design. 
It seems like green transferware is one of the harder colors to collect. 
This has been a slow process. 

I love this painting done by my daughter.

The little bird house got a robin from World Market. 
The robins have been in the yard nibbling on our yaupon holly tree.  
The bulbs are coming up but I doubt it was cold enough winter to get blooms. 
It feels like spring/summer. 

We took out the old window unit air conditioner and put in a Mitsubishi heater and air unit. 
So far it is working like a charm. 
I'll be back to tell you all about it and how we patched the wall. 
Have a wonderful day. 
What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? 


  1. Katie, I love the birds!! Your hutch looks so pretty with the pitchers. Great job! It's like summer in GA too, but raining today. We are sitting in a hospital lobby waiting for our son (my step-son) to have surgery on his neck. He fell in July 2016, and is now paralyzed. The original surgery has come undone (screws in the neck are loose) causing lots of pain, so hopefully that gets corrected today.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Our weather is going through hot cold hot cold

  3. This is the strangest winter in my entire life. It was 60 here - that' unheard of - and last night when I couldn't sleep I heard icy rain all night long. Now it is colder and grey and soggy - beyond weird. We're usually knee deep in snow this time of year!

    As for your new-to-you vintage transferware and BIRDIES - lovely, looks fresh and beautiful!

  4. 80! We have very little snow here in Minnesota...but we still have a couple of months of winter left. Your hutch is very pretty...I always love birds in decor!

  5. We have a greenhouse patio room. Today the Cowboy put screens on a couple of windows so we can open them. It is a beautiful day today.
    I love your birds. A very nice promise of spring!
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Love the birds! Hot as all get out here in Central Texas Hill Country. A/C definitely needed.

  7. Your green transferware is so pretty mixed in among your white pieces. We have our a/c on too :( At least it is absolutely beautiful outside all day.

  8. UGH it's awful...I bet June will already be in the 100's :^(
    Your green transferware is lovely!! I have been bringing out the birdies too...They are my favorite d├ęcor!!
    This morning at the backyard feeders, we had 12 different kinds of birds plus we have a resident hawk. The crows were giving her
    fits early today, so she has been laying low!! We have to plant lots of evergreen stuff around so that the small birds can hide from the hawk! Wish your talented daughter could see some of our visitors. She could have fun doing portraits :^)

  9. I love those three pitchers with the green, they compliment each other nicely! We have had up and down weather here as well, 58 degrees yesterday and snow today!

  10. Oh, a robin, we won't see any for another 6-8 weeks here. Golly, first winter I wish I lived south, but then we haven't had snow in Chicagoland since mid-December. Love your new dishes, Sandi