Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Early Spring Decorating

We have had some unseasonably warm weather even for Texas. 

It has put me in the mood for some spring decor. 
I'm not ready to go all out bunnies and chicks but I did add some greenery. 

I put my favorite decorating element from the 2016 Christmas season away. 
In its place went a lantern from Hobby Lobby. 
It has the same feel.  

This morning I corralled my galvanized containers and my greens.

The lamb's ear looks pretty real.
It came from two different sources but they look very similar.

One bunch is supposed to be chicks and hen.
Real succulents didn't really work for me so faux is a better idea for me.

These galvanized pots also came from Hobby Lobby.
They were regularly $5.99 but were half off.
I love that about Hobby Lobby. If it's not on sale, wait a week and it might be.

Faux boxwood is still making a prominent showing in my late winter/early spring decor.

The heart came from the craft mall that went out of business last February.
The space they vacated because the rent was too high is still empty.
That doesn't seem like good business to me.

Let me share a pet peeve with you.

This is the last ditch effort to prevent the wire from splitting.
I'm sure that a new power cord is in my imminent future.
Why, Apple?
This will be my third in 4 years.
It seems like they could get this figured out.

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Very pretty! Your little green rose bowls are beautiful. Love the greenery in the lantern.

  2. LOVE that amazing piece there in the Entry. It looks very old, did that mirror go with it? if not, it's a wonderful match!

  3. Beautiful Spring! Love those green rose bowls!


  4. I've the spring decorating itch, too, Katie. I love what you've done. You have some really wonderful accessories. I have to go back and scroll through again to take it all in. That chest in the entry is fabulous. I love it! xo

  5. Love your winter look with the lanterns and greenery, wich looks like the real thing, not faux. Great galvanized containers and I loved little peeks into your lovely home. Happy February........

  6. Katie,
    Love your green cut glass on the coffee table. Yes, looks like Apple could get that problem figured out with a good solution. That's the very power pack I had to replace right before Christmas,


  7. Very elegant. Greenery adds beauty to any room.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by!! No signs of Spring here soon as we had 7 inches of snow here yesterday!!

  9. Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for coming over. I love the plants in the galvanized containers. What a great idea. I seem to kill plants inside on a regular basis -- bad light, I guess. I love the warmth and life they bring to a room.

    (Love your blog name!)

  10. After our snowstorm yesterday, and really cold weather today, it's nice to stop by here and see touches of spring. All of the greens look so pretty!

  11. Hi Katie, I love how real the faux greenery looks now days. We had record warm temps yesterday and rain today. I've got a bad case of spring fever as well. I'll pull out some of mine after Valentines. I'll wait a while before the chicks and bunnies come out as well.

  12. All your greenery looks great Katie. With it being so hot these days so earlier I am ready to start decorating for Spring as well.