Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Boxwood Wreath For The Front Door

Boxwood is a perfect green for this time of year. 
You read about a different wreath a few weeks ago. 

The winter wreath on our front door was not cutting it. 
It is 78 degrees this afternoon. I'm not quite ready to put our forsythia wreath on the door but I didn't feel like pinecones was an accurate testament to what is going on with our weather. 

I headed over to Joann's. 
They had a pre-made boxwood wreath in the correct size but it was $49.00. 
The last wreath was made out of a candle ring. 
This one is made from a boxwood garland that was $12.99. 
I wrapped the garland twice around a grapevine wreath and then secured it with wire. 
It was so easy. 

A lone dianthus bloom greeted me on my way out this morning. 
Naturally, it was a sign that spring is not far off. 

We picked up the new bench two weeks ago. 
I spotted it at our awesome produce store. 

Thanks so much for stopping in. 


  1. Love boxwood wreaths! And your front door is beautiful!

  2. Katie,
    Another winning DIY project for a fraction of the cost of a retail wreath! I love your front door style, and the wreath is perfect for it and our weather.


  3. Love the looseness of the boxwood wreath. Your pine cone wreath is very pretty too. So nice to see the pretty blooming plans and the awesome bench on your front porch.

  4. Very nice wreath! Boxwood wreath always gives me holiday mood when i see it.
    Especially when snow is on top!

  5. I love it! Just made myself a note to go to Joann's tomorrow:)

  6. So cute!!! I love that it's easy and inexpensive to make too!