Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm Talking About Flowers

I get a lot of questions about where I keep all my decorating stuff.
It's a challenge and I've been working on the different areas that hold my stash. 

It would be wonderful if all my decorating junk could be stored in one spot. 
That is just not possible unless we were to turn one of the bedrooms into a storage room. 
Some of it is in closets. The rest is in the garage in totes. 

The seasonal flowers and greens all fit in one tote. 
That tote got cleaned out last weekend and the flowers were organized according to season. 
I'm a little bit of a freak about faux flowers. I'm not a huge fan of them unless they are realistic looking or they are made of velvet or velveteen.  

I love these. 
A flower in a color not found in nature is a no-no. 
Would you call me judgy if I also said that the flower should be displayed during the correct blooming season? 

Unless something is dried, I prefer to display it during the corresponding part of the growing cycle.  
Bill laments the fact that I have so many rules. 
Is it a rule or a preference? 

One of my little bunches needed a repair. 

To repair silk flowers, you will need 2 types of floral wire, wire cutters, and florist tape. 
Cut the new wire stem to the preferred length. 

Wrap the flowers to the stem with florist tape. 

Repair other stems as necessary. 
Bundle the repaired stems and wrap with the other type of floral wire. 

Wrap the exposed wire with more tape. 

All of these supplies can be found at a craft store or at Walmart. 
I wrapped the repaired sprig of flowers with butcher paper to get that fresh from the florist look. 

I unraveled some twine to get one strand. 
I tied that around the bundle. 
Don't ask me why. It looks a little more custom to me.
It's just another picky preference. 

What should you have on display now? 
Bulbs - paper  whites, snow drops, crocuses, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. 
They don't all bloom simultaneously but they all bloom in early spring. 
Budding branches are fun too. 


These micro fiber flowers all came from a favorite craft mall. 
You may remember me saying that it went out of business last February
I collected many of my sweet, little bundles from this store.
A few of them were distributed by RAZ Imports.
Check out this site to get inspired.  

I love these hydrangeas. 
These sweet bouquets will appear during the early part of the summer. 

Of course, this in not an exhaustive list but just a few of my favorites. 
I've packed the Valentine's Day decor away and I'll be sprinkling some early spring sprigs around the house today. 
Have a wonderful Friday! 


  1. Katie,
    We are thinking alike. I worked in the garden shed this week and plan to work in this weekend adding spring. My sister bought a six-pack of budding purple hyacinths which I repotted to use in my breakfast area. All of this sparked my first spring tablescape.


  2. Nice repairing technique. I'm a stickler for decent faux flowers. I don't mind paying more for them because they're so much better. Most of my decor is either in the basement or in the art room and both need a major overhaul!

  3. I would say that I agree with your faux flower rules. I would faux flowers outside. That just kind of bugs me.

  4. The brown paper and string are such a lovely touch! I like your flower rules.

  5. I sure approve of your choices. I was a floral designer/big store store dresser for over 15 years. I use to cringe when someone wanted to do a floral arrangement with blue roses.
    And in season is always best, nothing screams faux more than pink tulips in september. However--I use to encourage brides to use whatever made their hearts go pitter-pat, except for blue roses. LOL, Thanks for the sweet post! Sandi

  6. Katie, I really enjoyed this posting on faux flowers. Thank you for sharing this at Share Your Style!

  7. I do all of the arrangements for our church, and yes...I DO use season appropriate flowers. My hubby doesn't get it, so I often get the question "Don't you have ENOUGH flowers?", the ones I have are for fall...winter....later in the summer....etc..:^)
    Thanks for validating me here...I will make sure that he sees this! :^)