Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Magazine Hoarder

I've had a tendency to hoard magazines over the years. 
Pinterest has helped me move past this tendency. 

The day my youngest son was born, my husband brought me a magazine I'd never seen before. 

I was in heaven. I subscribed almost immediately and I was a loyal subscriber until the magazine crashed. 

Each and every season and holiday had a plethora of gorgeous images. 

It is time to clean out the hoard. 

There were almost 20 years worth of magazines stored in my daughter's closet. 
12 issues a year x 20 years.
You get the idea. 

Whenever there was some redecoration going on around our home, I leafed through some of the back issues. 

The imagery at the time was ground breaking. 
There was always a great use of soft focus. 
The styling was delicious.  

So much of my inspiration over the years came from this source. 

I'll be leafing through these magazines one last time. 

This time, I'll be studying the allure of each issue and image. 

A few favorite pages will be saved for future inspiration. 
That is it.

This is a difficult collection to clean out but my children will appreciate it. 
I'd hate for them to have to deal with these at some point. 

Let me know your thoughts.
Join us later for Monday Social. 


  1. Nooooooooooo. If you love them, don't get rid of them. I have many "collections" (my favorite is Cottage Journal) and I put my favorite issues together, within the season, in little gray bins I buy from Walmart.

  2. I have kept some of my very favorite issues of past magazines and will occasionally peruse them. They continue to give me delight!

  3. Magazines are becoming a lost art

  4. I am addicted to magazines. I love to pull them out every season to get new ideas.

  5. I say keep them until they are no longer relevant to your style or when you look at them and they don't appeal to you in the same way.

  6. I'm afraid my kids will have to get over it :^)
    I love looking at the old magazines, and will continue to save the special ones until I am no longer interested. If it is a newer issue, I check it out and then donate to the local hospital and clinic. Country Home was always my favorite, so it stays...I have some of the old Victoria's and all of the old Christmas issues. They are all stored in month order in plastic file folder boxes.
    Thanks for posting the lovely pictures.