Friday, March 10, 2017

A Wee Bit O' Luck

I don't remember if I told you this or not but I am not lucky - not by a long shot.

Vegas isn't on my bucket list, just saying.
I did luck out on some finds for St. Patrick's Day.

My husband may have just a wee bit of Irish in him. I don't have any as far as I know.

I don't really believe in luck.
I believe in God's providential hand in the events of our lives.

This year I thought I'd squeeze in a "wee bit O' the Irish" to commemorate the holiday.
I rounded up the few things that we had.
Pinterest supplied the inspiration for the rest.

My grandmother sent me a card every holiday for the first year of my life.
My mom saved them in a photo album.
They are so completely full of vintage charm since I am now completely vintage.

Can you even stand it?

A little voice told me to pop into the thrift store across the street from my school.
I'd just been there about a week before and saw nothing.

This fella was waiting for me when I went in the second time.
What a cutie! He was only $3.00.

 It ended up in a new little cubbie from Tuesday Morning.


I'm so in love with the chocolate egg mold!

An adorable leprechaun from eBay sets next to one of my vintage postcards.

This mug was only $1.00. 

My mom's doll got a new St. Patty's Day outfit.
Bill says it is creepy.

I showed you the two sweet shamrock pillows I made.

That is about it.
Have you sprinkled any St. Patrick's Day decor about?

Join us on the 20th of March for a Hello, Spring blog tour.

You won't want to miss it.
Have a great day.


  1. Your shamrock pillows are great! I may have to dig out my sewing machine.

  2. Katie,
    No St. Patrick's Day decor here, but after seeing your shamrock pillows, I am wondering if that should change. Your pins and ribbons on each pillow add jus that extra flair that makes them so eye-catching.

    Enjoy Spring Break!


  3. Great finds, and I love your sweet pillows! I haven't done anything for St. Patrick's Day. I've tucked in a few bunnies here and there for Easter. Have a good weekend!

  4. What a fun post. That's alot of super cute things you rounded up.
    I enjoyed this. It is perfect for Spring. I'd love for you to come over and link at the Fabulous Spring/East Party. This weeks linky is over here:
    Come over every week and join the party.
    Happy Spring

  5. Come over and link your party!
    This weeks linky is over here:
    Come over every week and join the party.
    Happy Spring

  6. Love your four leaf clover pillows so cute. You have some great Irish treasures to celebrate St. Pat's day. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  7. Your St Patrick's Day decor looks great. I love how you've displayed some items in the cubbie. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.