Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hodge Podge Lodge

Did you ever watch that show? 
I think it was in the era of HR Puffinstuff. 
I always wondered what HR was puffing because that show was hallucinogenic. 
I think these shows were supposed to be educational. 
They taught me to avoid the use of drugs and that oversized costumes are not a good thing. 
The link to Hodge Podge Lodge here.
Seriously, we only watched these if we were in a T.V. coma and nothing else was on. 

All that to say, we are in the middle of a few hodge podge projects and nothing is finished. 
The seal came off of the washer while I was on the phone. I couldn't put it back on or risk an iPhone dunking. 
 As a result, the tub wouldn't drain. I'm not sure why but once I put the seal back on, the tub drained. 
Bill was sure that the washer was on its last legs. 
It has had a bit of a mechanical smell lately.
Almost like the bearings are going out or something. 
On Friday night, Bill took me out for Italian to a new place in town. 

It was darling and the food was fantastic.  
Usually, we go to Home Depot on date night but we really shook things up and went to Best Buy instead. 
We are so wild and crazy! 

Some of you know that our laundry room is right off of the kitchen. I like using it as a butler's pantry during parties. 
We also use it as the cat food feeding sector.
If the cat food isn't on the dryer, Miss Chunky Monkey will eat it. 

We talked to the salesman about front end loaders. 
I've heard about odors but he assured me that the problem has been taken care of. 
We haven't had a matching washer and dryer in all of our married life. 
I felt that if we were going to get a front load washing machine that we should get the dryer too.  
I think we would love a counter top that runs the length of the laundry room and that is only possible with front end loaders. 
I thought the issue would be dead at this point but Bill was not deterred.
Our new set is being delivered this evening.  
I'll be quitting my job soon. All of our appliances will have been replaced before we lose that income. 

We have been discussing the mancave for about two years. 

I have felt for a long time that we have too much furniture and that the coffee table was a little too big for the room. Usually there is an ottoman in between the sofa and the coffee table but Bill made it and I liked it, so it stayed. 

On Saturday morning, however, Bill armed with a drill was ready to remove it from the premises. 

Our Nursery school block building days kicked back into gear as we tried to imagine a way to repurpose the crates for a media cabinet. 

It's not really what either of us has in mind. 
They are a little too rustic for our current tastes. 
I see a leather topped ottoman that spans the length of the loveseat. 
You can see our media center ideas in this board on Pinterest

That is about all for now. 
Finishing up the school year after announcing my retirement has been a little bit more difficult than I had imagined. 
I could have waited a few more weeks to make my announcement but not much more than that because letters of intent went out early this year. 
Someday, I'll talk about the extenuating factors that played into my decision to retire. 
 For now,  I'm reminded of the age old advice for brides to be. 
I don't want to be like a bride that forgets to enjoy the engagement because she is so focused on the wedding. 
I'm working daily to enjoy this season because soon it will be over. 
 I am excited and blessed but there will be many things that I'll miss about teaching. 
All that to say, it's taking up a good portion of my time and my creative brain power. 
I don't want to just slap something up here on my blog. I'd rather provide witty and engaging content instead of forcing it. 
(As if...) 
Make sense? 
If you don't hear anything from me, that is why.
Thanks for reading my hodge podge!


  1. Like you, we have come to realize we have too much furniture and like a more minimalist look. Hard to decide what goes though, isn't it. Congrats on retirement looming in your future. You will love it I'm sure! I often wonder how I got anything done when I worked full time. Good luck.

  2. What a fun hodgepodge! A great date night, new appliances on the horizon and a new ottoman, too! Sounds pretty good to me!

    I think you are going to love your retirement. You enjoy so many things you'll find no shortage of activities to keep you busy. Best decision I ever made!

  3. Hope you enjoy your new appliances. I find the front loading washer is slower but the dryer is quicker. I'm sure your going to come up with something great with those crates. Enjoy the end of school.

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! I wasn't a teacher but was an aide for the past 14 years in a SH class in Southern California. Loved what I did, but sorta retired when my husband took a new position here in Texas, so... now I write full-time! Enjoying the blogging life while pursuing photography and writing.

    How are your new washer and dryer working out? I bet your dryer belt was worn and needed replacing on your old unit. We replaced ours in the spring two years ago, just before selling our home and putting pretty much everything into storage. Only a few goodies and household goods made the move here to Texas so far. :)

    Anyway, I don't know if we will keep those 25 year old w/d when we move everything late this year/early next, but in our new fifth-wheel {our current "home"} we have a new w/d and I love them! They are both front-loaders. I've taken to leaving them open after use to air out. Hoping that will prevent any funny odors. :)

    Maybe you can repurpose your coffee table boxes into cute garden planters? The stain on them is nice but painting might be fun! Anyway, thanks for sharing something that is obviously so personal ~ your thoughts on retiring.

    Blessings to you,
    Barb :)

  5. Haha, the shows are a blast from the past...I didn't watch Hodge Pidge but occasionally HR Puffinstuff. It was weird.
    I have to keep the cat food on the dryer too or the boys think it's a snack for them. What fun to get new appliances. I'm trying to get a Bruce to buy a refrigerator...we need a bigger one at the farm and I dislike the one at the city house extremely! Can't wait to see what you do in the man cave.
    Enjoy the last few weeks of school but I hope you can look forward to your new adventure as well.

  6. I retired from teaching 9 years ago and hit the ground running ever since. I love being the choice maker on how, what and when. I too found it weird after I announced I was retiring, I found that I became fairly 'left out' for the rest of the teaching year but I don't think it was personal, just everyone was busy on the planning for the next year and staffing etc.