Saturday, April 15, 2017

Post Retirement Wardrobe

This may not be a productive use of brain power but I've been spending some time thinking about my post retirement wardrobe.

Black 5 pocket jeans are literally my favorite thing to wear.
If they are dark black, they look dressy.

Faded black jeans look more casual.
I used to be able to wear them for work but the new boss put the kabosh on that.
Shhh! The black ones my have been worn to work recently because of "senioritis".
 Don't tell.

White jeans are just darling in the spring and summer.

Silky satin or cotton little tops are my favorite.

Most of the time, I'll get them from Nordstrom Rack but I've also found them on eBay.
I do eBay like most people do Amazon.

A click of a button and it shows up at my door a few days later.

Ballet flats are my "go to" shoe.

The bags have all been thrifted off of eBay.

My dress slacks may have to go. I'll keep a pair or two of black ones but the khaki pair can go.
I bought them for our new dress code and got ink on them.
Preschool teachers and nice clothes don't mix very well.
Pee, poop, vomit, snot, crayons, markers, paint, yogurt - just saying.
Years of experience has taught me that - just saying.

 I used to wear a lot of skirts.
Several of them are mid-length tee shirt material and one is cotton eyelet.

I'm sure they are a horrible choice for my short, squatty frame but I like it anyway.
I may get rid of all of them except for the white eyelet since I made that one.

Cute, cotton dresses are perfect for when the temperature reaches 400 degrees.
I'm just kidding but not really. If it is 110, it might as well be 400.

Again, I'm not sure it is the best look but I don't want to self combust or always wear shorts.

Yoga pants and tee shirts can't become my uniform. I don't want that.
But at this point, I don't even own a pair of yoga pants, if you can believe that.

I am an introvert.
Who needs clothes if I'm going to become a shut in?
What if I just stay in my snap up pajama dress all day?

I'm kidding but part of me does fear that I'll just molder away in this house.

I know that I'm doing the right thing but there are moments of panic that rain down on me. 
Not for financial reasons - thank goodness, but for less tangible reasons.
I have been a teacher for 26 years and a director of this program for 13.

I'm not of retirement age but this whole thing has me feeling a little old.
I've contemplated going gray.
Do I need an intervention?
If you think of it, you might say a little prayer for me.
This is more of a transition than I thought it would be.
I know this post is I, I, I but it is all about me right now, right?

If you like this type of post and would like to see more of what I'm wearing, let me know.
Providing it isn't just yoga pants or button up night dresses, of course.



  1. Your casual outfits look very nice -- casual and relaxed but still put-together. I retired from my college professor career last May, and I love being retired.

  2. I love your 'look!' Transitions in life are hard and it's so true that nothing ever stays the same! Change is a part of life!

  3. Your clothes are lovely and very put together. I think you might find less of a need for the put together look after you retire. I've been retired 10 years now. Slowly over the years I developed a real love of anything I could splatter paint on. When you're home a lot, you never know when the painting mood will strike!

  4. You are cute as a button in all your outfits. You could do many fashion blogs. I certainly need help in that department.
    When I left my teaching job I cried all the way home thinking what have I done? But the next day I felt so free and less stressed. However, I did plan lesson plans in my head for years after. Now, I think about blog posts.LOL!

  5. you are just dang adorable, Katie! I love seeing how other people dress, it helps give me ideas, 'cause it's easy for me to get stuck in a rut of black and gray. Love seeing your full length shots, I'm sure I'm shorter than you. I've been having thoughts on gray hair, but in a convo with my hairdresser she told me "NO". won't work with my green eyes, and skin color. I've been going a lighter brown.though. glad she talked me out of it.

  6. HI Katie, I was a preschool teacher for many years and the only dress code we had was no midriff showing and no flip-flops. I love your look in all of your pairings; especially love your summer dress, although we very short myself, I try to avoid horizontal stripes. I have short legs and am long wasted, so have to avoid mid-length skirts-but I love yours.
    You are too young to worry about any grey hair you might eventually get.
    Happy Easter.

  7. I retired early and then 6 months later got a part time job. If I didn't have that I would never get dressed, I would be in my paint clothes all day. I love all of your tops and will have to check out Nordstrom Rack.

  8. I retired from when we moved back to Texas but I'm not retirement age either. I wear jeans and cute tops almost every day. Skinny jeans and the right top are all I need. Mix it up with shoes and accessories and you're good to go! You are already adorable! Love your hair. :)

  9. You're adorable and look sassy and classy. You won't molder away in your'll find new hobbies and passions to keep you going. You're going to figure it out. Give yourself some time to adjust. As for your hair, only you can decide about letting it go grey. I'm trying and there are days I like it and other days I go "eek!" Lol.

  10. I just found your blog from Marty's link party. Yes, your wardrobe will exactly what you want it to each day! Four years ago, I retired after twenty-five yrs. in the classroom. I wasn't and still am not retirement age. Gray hair? Nah, not yet!

  11. As a retiree, I can say, you will not be bored if you don't want to be. My husband and I can't find enough hours in the day and we are not joiners of this club or that. Keeping a house going takes time yes, but we are enjoying doing fun things that there was never time for before.

  12. Love your wardrobe. It all looks great on you. I don't know what I would do without my jeans. I didn't wear them when I was working, except on weekends. Now they are like my uniform. Jeans and I think they are called Yoga pants for around the house.

  13. Katie I love all of your outfits. And you do not look squat. You look modern and stylish. You have a fun style with the pretty handbags and nice practical shoes! I on the other hand literally live in my jammies! As for the hair it is a personal preference. I let mine go grey 5 years ago because I got tired of keeping it up and the hair color was turning it into straw.

  14. All of the outfits you modeled look great on you. Yes, why not more posts like this! As you know, I have been in your shoes (not the ballet flats, but sensible work shoes, lol), and left my job after 32 years. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as I thought. I think you are going to be so busy and so happy that once you leave, you won't look back, except with fondness!

  15. I rather enjoyed seeing all your outfits.....and thought you looked great in each one.......I have been a stay at home Mom for years so sometimes I struggle with what to wear with my present figure flaws and also to make sure it is age appropriate. Nothing worse to me than a women in her 60's trying to look like she is 30's........I want to look nice and sometimes cute but not So you gave me some good ideas.....
    Happy Retirement......big life changes can be exciting and scary all at the same time.........and do require adjustments.....but mostly I have found they
    are Congrats to you, and I agree with Amy above think you are
    probably gonna enjoy this new phase.........
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. "I'm not of retirement age but this whole thing has me feeling a little old."

    I was going to say...but I didn't want to be look all of 35. Retirement??


    But you could always retire into another career. Be an actress or a writer or a for-hire assassin. (No one would suspect you.)

    Love the outfits. They are comfortable, but still put together. And your hair is fabulous!