Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Cutest Wheelbarrow or The Travails Of An Impatient Spray Painter

Sometimes there are just too many good titles for a blog post. 
This one could also be called "She Was So Cheap". 

Years ago, I found a darling vintage wheelbarrow out at First Monday Trade Days. 
I didn't get it and I've been kicking myself ever since. 
I thought the $42.00 price tag unreasonable. I was wrong. 

 eBay had some cute red radio flyer doll wheelbarrows.
 I got the one scaled for a doll not a child. 

eBay has stepped up their game to compete with Amazon. 
The order was placed on the 12th of March. 
It showed up on my doorstep on the 16th. 
The one I purchased was $18.05.
It is 16 1/2 inches long. The tub measures 8 1/2 by 10 3/4 just in case you are searching eBay in another tab. 

The Radio Flyer decal peeled off easily but it left a slight residue. 

Goo Gone removed the residue. 

I took off the hardware so it would be easier to paint. 
Make sure you don't lose any of the parts. 

The perfect green was in my stash of spray paints. 

So cute! 
All that was needed at this point was patience. Was I patient? No. 

I flipped it over before it was completely dry so I needed to do the top side over again. 
It was fairly muggy so it took all day to dry. 

My patience returned and I let it dry overnight. 

I put it back together and added Mr. Bunny and his garden tools. 

Are you kidding me? 
This is just too darling. 

Taking off the hardware keeps it pristine. 

Except for the frustrating spray paint woes, this was so much fun!  
It almost makes not buying the vintage one worth it. 
Almost but not really. 

This could be used to serve a salad or vegetables and dip.
It could also be styled with flower pots and seeds.

Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope your having the best day.


  1. That is really cute, Katie. I am a spray paint 'freak'...and the joke used to be, "don't stand still too long or mom will spray paint you".... a motto I have earned. lol
    LOVE the wagon and the bunny in it. xo Diana

  2. so adorable, love the green! now you've motivated me to do something with the one on my bakers rack that I've just been staring at. Happy weekend, Katie!

  3. Katie, love it in green. It really turned out wonderful. I'm taking on my old red wagon after seeing what you've created.

  4. That is adorable, Katie! Love the green. I bet we'll be seeing you use this in lots of creative ways!

  5. Katie,
    Great tips on how to spray paint. I, too,am impatient when I finally tackle a project. More than once I flipped something over before the paint dried. When will I ever learn?


  6. That is the cutest thing. I have never seen a doll size one.
    Love miniatures. Thanks to the fairy crazy, I have access to more minis.
    Just so you don't feel alone, my patience is lacking also.

  7. Love that you painted it green!! I have the same one in red, bought 20 years ago at Michaels. Also bought the mini red wagon....they are great for display!!!

  8. It is pretty cute! Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!