Friday, March 31, 2017

Tagging Along With Bill To New York

Bill was headed to New York on business. He decided to go a few days early to visit our oldest.
I just had to tag along.  

 LaGuardia hasn't changed much since I was a kid. 

Here are the highlights from our trip. 
We saw "Waitress" at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.
 It was a cute show with great music by Sara Bareilles. 

Our plane sat on the tarmac in Dallas which caused a little stress but we made it in time and met a great couple from Kansas. 
She was interviewing for a job in Decatur, Texas. We were just there a few weeks ago.  
The world is really small when it comes down to it. 

The show was in a cool old theatre. 

Some how they made it smell like freshly baked pie.
Sadly, the show closes tonight but it was fabulous.

Food is always a highlight in New York.
I was on the lobster tour apparently.
I had lobster bisque one night and lobster ravioli the next day for lunch.
Both of these were delicious.
It wouldn't be a trip to NYC without a few of my favorites.


Some how we made it down to Little Italy.
Since we were there we had to pop into my favorite bakery.

Such beautiful food.

I love seeing the old gorgeous architecture. 
We visited the New York Public Library.

I spotted a celebrity. 

I'd just binge watched "Chasing Life" a few months ago so she was immediately recognizable. 

The carousel in Bryant Park. 

 Lincoln Center.


Subway tile in the subway.

Empire State Building at night.

I jogged through Central Park.
Just kidding! I only run if I'm going to a yard sale or I'm being chased by something. 

We stopped in at a thrift store.

It was amazing. I'm wondering how a painting of Bluebonnets ended up in Manhattan.
I thought about buying it and returning it to the Mother Ship.

We had an exciting opportunity to take a private tour of the New York Historical Society. 

It is second oldest museum collection in the U.S.

I couldn't take pictures of any of the collections but I got some of the old card catalogues.
All librarians had to learn Library Script. What gorgeous handwriting!
This launched me up on to my soap box about children today and the nonsensical idea that they don't need to learn cursive.
There are brain development benefits in learning to write cursive but children have to be able to read it or our historical documents will be lost to a generation.

This collection is full of ephemera and priceless historical documents.
We got to see a collection of protest ephemera, some photos of NYC during the depression and some spy documents used during the revolution including one written by George Washington and a cipher used by Alexander Hamilton. 

They wouldn't let me have this library cart as a souvenir.

One highlight from this trip was the time I got to spend with Amy from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes.
She is so fun and sweet. She is just as funny as the writing in her blog.
Meeting up with her was such an encouragement.

There are some highlights from our trip.
We walked 7 miles on Friday and 6 on Saturday.
I'm not sure my feet will ever feel the same but it was wonderful!


  1. What a fabulous trip, Katie. I went to school in downtown Manhattan and have not been back there in 30+ years. There is always something to do any time of day or night in NYC, isn't there?

    Sounds like a great play- too bad it closed.

    Love that you got to meet Amy. She is a lovely person and her blog is always fun to visit. Have a great weekend. xo Diana

  2. How fun Katie! I have never been to New York, but hope to some day. Yes, I would think cheesecake is a must have in NY! Fun that you got to meet up with Amy. I love meeting blog friends!

  3. Enjoyed seeing New York with you as I don't think I'll ever go there. You made it doable.

  4. I love NYC! Glad you got to "tag" along, and I know meeting up with Amy was a special treat. It's such fun to meet a blogging friend.

  5. Katie, it was so wonderful to meet you! It felt like we've known each other for a really long time! Happy to see that you were able pack so much into your weekend. You really were east side, west side, all around the town!

  6. What fun! New York certainly is a walker's city. Katie, you really saw a lot of things and got to do so much in such a short amount of time. And a trip to New York would not be worth mentioning if you didn't visit Little Italy and the pastry shops. But what had me drooling was the bagels. They are one of a kind.