Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Farmhouse Media Cabinet

Bill has accused me of wanting to turn the mancave into a Pottery Barn.
"You are correct, Sir."

I like to think of it as Pottery Barn with a little West Elm thrown in for good measure.
When we hung up the television, the old media cabinet was a little too low.
It was Craftsman in style.
It was broken.
I was over it and so was Bill.

The bottom shelf was broken. Bill fixed the shelf and now the piece has a new home at my brother's house. It is perfect in their living room.

We started shopping and found a new one at Weirs in Dallas.
It isn't the best quality but it wasn't super expensive.
I'm okay with that as I seem to like a continuous revolving door of furniture.

After we purchased this, I had a pang wondering exactly what color it was supposed to be.
Would it look too blue?
It doesn't.
It is a dark, slate gray with blue undertones.
I love it.

It is very farmhouse in style.

One more piece to the puzzle in place.

We are two weeks into our wait for the new cocktail ottoman.
I'll let you know when it arrives.

Have a great day.
Thanks so much for popping in.


  1. It is very handsome for the man-cave. I like the ball feet. They make it look quite substantial.

  2. I would love a man-cave to hide all of the man-stuff away in. The storage on your piece is great for his manly stuff even if it is so pretty. We were at Weir's on Knox Street in Dallas on Monday and bought a table for the house and a table for the patio. We hadn't planned on buying either, but as you say their prices are so low we couldn't pass the pieces up.

  3. That looks really nice, Katie. I liked the other too, but you're right -- it was no longer right for the space. This is terrific and the other has a new home. Everyone wins!

  4. The man-cave looks charming.

    Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a nice weekend.


  5. Love farmhouse style and this is beautiful! Would love it if you shared it at our link part on my blog please. (