Monday, May 8, 2017

That Time When $15.00 Worth Of Timers Was The Key To Happiness

I'm sure this technology has been out for ages but I'm usually the last one to catch up on technology.
We were the last family on the block to have a microwave and a VCR.
Just FYI, peanut butter toast does not do well in the VCR.
I thought you should know.

I finally broke down and bought timers for my outside Christmas lights.
Hallelujah. It was amazing so when Bill and I saw a big bin of timers after Christmas we scooped up a few to add to our lamps inside.

I'm a teacher so I'm usually home long before dark. 
However, there was one evening that I was out late. 
I had a difficult meeting - the type of meeting that takes every ounce of emotional energy - every single ounce.

The meeting went better than expected but I was spent. 
I dragged myself to the front door, unlocked it and entered our home.

What joy! 
What a surprise!
I'd forgotten about the timers.

My sweet little accent lamps were lit up as if in a rousing show of support!

They immediately warmed my heart as they warmed our space.

It was $15.00 well spent.


Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Katie,
    Coming home to a house with lights on is such a welcoming sight. Great $15 investment!


  2. Long ago I had a timer I loved. I don't know if was lost in a move, broken or otherwise disappeared (along with my Madeleine pan, but that's another story). The accent lights look beautiful in your home. I hate coming home to a dark house, hate it. So I often leave a small lamp on. The timers make so much more sense!

  3. A little lamp does make such a difference. I always thought it would be nice if we could get the heat or air on just right before we came home. There are ways to do that but we've never done it.

  4. That little accent lamp is cool, and I like the white hutch.