Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday Social #37

Welcome to Monday Social #37.
It's with sad news that Judith, Eilis, and I announce our last Monday Social.  

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We have evaluated our time spent and the growth we have had in our link up.
We haven't grown at all.
We had one week where we grew to 60+ links.
Our first week we had maybe 45. Last week we had 44.
Math is not really my thing but even I can say that we haven't grown.
Eilis came to us and apologized for not really blogging because real life has gotten in the way of her life on-line.
Go, Eilis!
Judith and I will be looking to spend less time on-line instead of more at this point too.
I want to say thank you to our faithful participants each week.
We have had a core of loyal followers from the beginning.
We appreciate you more than we can say.
We have loved hosting this party.
We have grown as bloggers and our blogging friendships have grown as well.

So with that, I get to pick the features this week.


Sarah at Hyacinths For The Soul shared this flag image on Pinterest. 

Sheila shared this gorgeous blue and white plate on Instagram. 

Corner of Plaid shared this succulent tablescape
I love it. 

That is a wrap.
I finished my 26 year teaching career yesterday.
I'll have some thoughts about that in the coming weeks once I can process it all.
I'll also have some fun purse projects to share.
Bill and I are working on a sponsored post coming up in a month or so.
We have our cocktail ottoman fail to share.
One of my first projects this summer is a dining room redo.
I'll still be blogging so keep coming by to visit and comment.
I'll be by to visit your blogs now that I'll have more time.
Thank you for all of you that participated in Monday Social.
You are the best!


  1. Hi Katie,

    I'm sorry to hear about the demise of Monday Social as I only discovered it in the past five months! But in that time I've come to know some new bloggers, including you, and I look forward to continuing to follow you. I so understand the need to move on. I think blogging goes down a bit when the weather gets nicer and we are all outdoors or traveling or taking more vacations. I know when I head north to the Land of Limited Internet, I don't blog nearly so much as I'd like. But I'm doing other good things with that time. And I'm sure it is a responsibility to have a weekly link up on your plate!

    Nonetheless, the link-up will be missed and I look forward to keeping up with my new friends as well as the old!

    All the best with your retirement and projects. They sound fun -- and I know you'll be incredibly busy -- and happy!

  2. Katie,
    Being co-hostess with you on Monday Social has been a wonderful experience. You are great to work with, and I look forward to joining you as part of your seasonal blog hops later this year. Happy retirement... soon you will wonder how you ever had time to work.


  3. Oh Katie I adored the premise of your party and it will be missed. You have such an exciting future ahead of you. Enjoy the journey.