Thursday, June 29, 2017

Boxwood Topiary From HedgeScapes

Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to play in a maze garden.
"The Secret Garden" was my favorite book but all the "running from the castle books" I read as a teenager had an influence as well.
Did you read those?
Who doesn't love a heroine that goes outside when the villain is outside?
Seriously! "Stay inside the castle!"
I want to thank HedgeScapes for sponsoring this post.
You can see their wonderful website - here.
Their images bring secret walled gardens and garden mazes to mind.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Fireplace, Topiary

I've been on a boxwood kick since I made a wreath in January.

I've sprinkled this type of foliage all around the house.

Let's Add Sprinkles blog, topiary, Boxwood

So when HedgeScapes wanted to send me some of my favorite greens to review, I was thrilled.

Topiary From HedgeScapes

 HedgeScapes specializes in the creation of topiaries, hedges, shrubs and walls on a grand commercial scale.
See their boxwood hedges. 

How cool is this?
They have a variety of products available.
They sound like an amazing company to work for and they have an impressive client list.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Fireplace, Topiary

Since they couldn't send me a maze garden, I gladly accepted this darling topiary.

Topiary From HedgeScapes

It is substantial and well made.
It has a thick and realistic looking trunk.

The thick greenery is affixed to a metal frame which you cannot see through the foliage.
I love that it has two tones of green to mimic the new growth on a real boxwood bush.

Topiary From HedgeScapes

It didn't come with a decorative pot which is great because I put it in one that matches my mood and my decor. We have had this lemon planter for years. It mimics the European flare of the topiary.
It also adds a fun touch of summer to our fireplace.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Fireplace, Topiary

 I added a string of tiny white lights for evening.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Fireplace, Topiary

This topiary never gets weedy looking.
It never has to be trimmed.
Their products are fire retardant.

Topiary From HedgeScapes

It looks real which passes my criteria for faux.

Let's Add Sprinkles Blog, Fireplace, Topiary

It is designed to weather the outdoors.

Front Porch, Outdoor Topiary

Their products are UV stable to withstand the effects of the sun.
A must here in Texas.
If you are looking to create a secret garden of your own at your home or business, look into HedgeScapes.
Have a wonderful day!
I'm in the mood to read some historical fiction!


  1. Katie, The secret Garden was magical to me. I love it. I adore little places for people to sit outside and enjoy nature. I like the greenery. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I'm frustrated with trying to keep a double boxwood topiary alive outside as something seems to enjoy chewing its bottom leaves. This faux topiary is just what I need. Going over to look around at their products, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing.

  3. It looks fabulous, Katie! That's a great recommendation!

  4. What a great find! Topiaries are always welcome indoors and out. Love the one you chose. ;)

  5. I love topiaries! That one is very pretty. It looks great on your hearth. I like faux plants because they never die!

  6. Very pretty! I am on my way to check out the website.

  7. I love your sprinkles of greenery. Greenery seems to be making a come back. I have been sprinkling my home with ivy and box wood. I think it makes a home look and feel so fresh.

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