Monday, July 24, 2017

Flooring For The Trailer

Our little trailer update is coming along. We have a few things to address and then we can put it in storage until our first camping trip.
It has got to cool down a little before we go camping.

Everything in the trailer was so brown.
So brown. 
We decided early in the process that we wanted to replace the brown floor. 


That isn't dirt. It's just designed to look dirty.
We did our research and then we headed to Home Depot to look at wood-look vinyl planks.
Anything else would have been too heavy since we are pulling this behind our pick up truck.

Our first choice was the brown one in the top of the picture below.
We quickly ruled it out because there wasn't enough for our project and Bill wanted to begin the next morning.
It also just seemed weird to put brown back in the trailer after pulling all the brown out of it.

We've never had parquet flooring in house.
 This style of flooring was "out" for a long time but I'd heard it was making a comeback.
 We both liked it in gray and it was in stock.
We picked up four boxes @ $29.99 each.
We checked the dye lots on each case to make sure they were all from the same dye lot.

Bill used a razor blade knife to cut the flooring. When the trailer was made the flooring was laid before walls or anything was built into the trailer so the flooring ran under the studs, cabinets couch and bed.

It didn't take him long to remove the old flooring.

The home center assured us that we could lay the peal and stick tiles directly on the chip board.

I have no patience for finding the center, snapping plumb lines.
Bill is much better at that type of thing. I place the blame solely on my High School Geometry teacher. The grades he gave me have shaken my confidence in this area.
All those theorems to memorize.

This is TrafficMASTER 12 in. x 12 in. Wood Parquet Residential Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile.
30 square feet a case.
It was around a $1.00 per square foot.

Most of the tiles for this project had to be cut. There were very few whole tiles.
He worked until lunch on Saturday and until two o'clock on Sunday.

I think the slide out leaked at some point so we had to bleach one area of the flooring and let it sit over night.

It's so cute.
I love it with the black cabinets.

We ended up returning two boxes of tiles so this part of the project was only $60.00.
Well worth it.
I'll be back to talk more about the couch.
Have a wonderful day.
Update: We had a leak and two of our tiles popped up. I'll let you know if they re-stick on their own or if we have to replace them.
The leak is coming from our sky light in the bathroom.
I'll update that as well. 
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Read about Curtains. 


  1. Nice job Katie. You are right about it being to hot for camping. We are waiting for cooler weather to take our little camper out too. Keep up the good work. Hugs Becky

  2. Katie,
    You two are moving along updating the camper. Everything is going together very nicely. Yes, too hot for much of anything right now; definitely too hot to go camping unless it is to the mountains.


  3. I love the new flooring, what a huge difference!!! Fingers crossed the two tiles stick back down on their own.

  4. Things are really starting to come together. The flooring is perfect for the little camper.

  5. Beautiful!! I can not wait to start working on remodeling our RV.