Wednesday, July 26, 2017

If Life Gives You Lemons

We have a bit of a "life giving us lemons" scenario going on.
Pop up a prayer for my family, if you would.

I showed you my sprinkling of lemons a few weeks ago.
I've loved the pop of yellow these add to our summer home.

I have a collection of adorable vintage beaded fruit.

Let's play "what's missing?".

I needed to have a beaded lemon in my life.
Not to mention, I was sick with a weird bug and stuck on the couch.
I made the little beaded strawberry in the above photos, so I knew what to do.
I collected my supplies.

I assembled my faux fruit of choice, beads in the appropriate color and yellow iridescent sequins.
Beading pins are similar to straight pins but they are a little shorter in length.
You can find them in the beading aisle at the craft store.

Pick up a pin, put on a bead and then put on a sequin.

Stick into the lemon.

I watched crime shows and rested on the couch.

Update: I decided I wanted more of the sequin to show, so I went and got larger sequins to put on each pin.

Either way was fine but this looks a little more vintage.

 Sometimes you just cannot make lemonade out of lemons.
As I was writing my other lemony post, phrases flitted through my head concerning our current lemon situation.

 If life gives you lemons - kick them to the curb.

If life gives you lemons - beat them to a pulp.

If life gives you lemons - squeeze the heck out of them.

If life give you lemons - grate the rind off of them.

If life gives you lemons - stick them with a pin. 
If life gives you lemons - drop to your knees and pray.


  1. What a fun craft! I love the vintage look of the beaded fruit. Thanks for Sharing on Share Your Style.

  2. Katie,
    Prayers going up... kick that lemon to the curb!

    What happens to your sequined lemon when the lemon goes bad? Pretty until then.


  3. I hope that this is really an impressive way to decorate the lemons and it also shows that you can decorate anything even if it is lemon or watermelon.. :P

  4. Interesting way to bead !
    I haven't ever seen beaded fruit....hummmmm

  5. Joining you in prayer, Katie. Hope this situation is better soon.
    The lemon is so pretty!

  6. Sending many wishes that your lemon situation eases soon. I love your description of what to do when life gives you lemons. I think you made a voodoo lemon! (My mom did beaded fruit and I still have a few. So pretty, as is your lemon!)

  7. Very clever. Praying for the lemons in your life to become beautiful sequined fruit.