Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Decorator Warehouse/ Christmas 2017

Bill and I have been watching "Parts Unknown" with Anthony Bourdain. 
He had an episode about the Philippines and how they start to decorate for Christmas on September 1st. 
I thought we should move because I just love Christmas. 

Decorator Warehouse is reportedly the biggest Christmas store in Texas. 
It has just reopened for the 2017 Christmas season. 
It is always a thrill to see the new over the top displays.  
The new displays this year did not disappoint. 

There is a huge Stanta's workshop display when you enter the store. 

Mrs. Clause is handing out sweet treats. 

Santa is working on something in the workshop. 

The truck that was new last year was moved up to the front of the store. 
They have created a gas station vignette complete with a vintage gas pump. 

How cute it this? 

A display for Farmhouse decor begins on the back of the workshop. 

I love the chicken feeders filled with owls. 

The most original and unique tree has to be the one filled with lanterns. 


The sweet shoppe display is adorable. 

You have got to check it out if you have a kitchen tree filled with sweet and gingerbread. 

This little antique  car is just too adorable. I think it's new this year.

A lot of elf legs for sticking out of your tree.
This singing reindeer takes the cake. 

If you come to Arlington, be sure to check out Decorator Warehouse.  
It's amazing. 


  1. I hope to get down there this year. I'm like you, I could start Christmas right after Easter.

  2. Fun!! Let's meet there for lunch again. Do you remember that my MIL came last time? She still talks about how sweet y'all were to her. :)

  3. Eating at the cute tea room is yummy any time of the year....if you want their homemade pie order it first before it's all gone😜

  4. I always stop by there every year, if for nothing other than cute decorating ideas. I took my first tree decorating class there. Love their open house at the beginning of the season. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh no. I would be in there for days, just days. I'd have to take a lunch and sleeping bag unless I could find a sleigh to share with Santa. Fabulous!

  6. Oh wow, they would never get me out of that store. How sweet!

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