Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Sweet Sunday

Happy Sunday! 
I hope that you found time to reflect and worship this weekend. 

The Halloween and fall stuff is out. 
Halloween makes me think about candy! 
I spied a bag of candy corn at Walmart and suddenly it had jumped into my cart.  

I grabbed the two other ingredients to make homemade Butterfingers. 
Doesn't that sound delicious? 
I love Butterfingers. 

I've reduced quite a bit of my sugar consumption in the last year but an occasional sweet treat still happens every once in a while. 
This sounded perfect. 

The recipe calls for 
candy corn
peanut butter 
chocolate chips

The candy corn was melted in the microwave for less than a minute. 
 The peanut butter was added and blended.  
The ratio of peanut butter to candy corn was about 1 to 3. 
I didn't measure. I was too excited. 
Form the candy into logs. Work quickly because this turns into stone if you don't move fast enough. 

They were dipped into Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips once they were cool.  

Aren't they pretty? 
I let them cool on a drying rack near some flowers and whimsically sprinkled chocolate chips and candy corn. 
I'm a blogger. We do that. 

 So, what are my thoughts about this process? 
The taste is almost like a Butterfinger. 
The consistency is not like a Butterfinger- not at all. 
These harden into the consistency of a Tootsie Roll. 
They aren't flakey like the real deal.
I tried them in the freezer and they became firm enough to break a tooth. 
I tried them in the fridge - same thing. 

If they were left to soften, the chocolate got sweaty with condensation. 

This recipe is a fail in my opinion. "No offense" to the blogger that has 45k repins. 
It's not a fail on her end.

I looked at several copy cat recipes. 
I only found one blogger that mentioned the consistency - thank you. 
I found a blogger that made them from scratch - candy thermometer - kind of scratch. Impressed! 
I found one blogger making a healthy version. I hope that worked out for her.

There has been a lot of talk about sugar and the link to obesity. 
I believe that I was addicted to sugar. 
The value in making sweets from scratch at home, lies in the ability to control sugar intake but also artificial flavors and colors. 
That isn't present in this recipe because the candy corn contains artificial colors, corn syrup and some sort of shellack that coats the candy.

If I'm getting all of that, I might as well go for the real thing.  

The cost of the ingredients was also more than just getting a snack sized bag of them at the store. 
The craving wasn't satisfied. 
A half of a bag of candy corn only made 6 candies. 
It was a bit of a mess. 
I could have broken a tooth which would have upset my dentist. 
I'm not a fan of this idea so I'm off to get a real Butterfinger. 
That is all for me. 
Savor something sweet! 


  1. Dang, but I want a Butterfinger now for sure!

  2. Hi there Katie, I've been cutting out sugar and this is so tempting. Of course, I wondered if you'd just add the candy corn to peanuts-a friend taught me that trick. I've banned candy from the house, except for semi sweet chocolate chips. Yours does look good though.